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Doctor Who Lockdown, Steven Moffat Share Listen Pre-Rewatch Poem

Doctor Who Magazine writer and BBC Radio editor Emily Cook returned on Wednesday with the Doctor Who Lockdown global rewatch of the horror-vibing episode "Listen". Set during Peter Capaldi's first season as The Doctor, the Series 8 episode finds the Doctor tracking a creature with an uncanny and eerie ability to hide, while Clara (Jenna […]

Emily Cook continues to coordinate great Doctor Who Lockdown global rewatch events, courtesy of BBC Studios.

Emily Cook on Doctor Who Lockdown Complaint; Neil Gaiman Posts Support

At a time when productions across the pop culture landscape have been shuttered and millions find themselves at home in social distancing, self-isolating situations. It hasn't been the easiest time for a whole lot of folks, but if you're a Doctor Who fan then you know there's been a steady flow of "geek relief" that's […]

The Girl in the Fireplace is the focus of the next Doctor Who rewatch, courtesy of BBC.

Steven Moffat, Sophia Myles Join Next Doctor Who Lockdown Rewatch

They also announced that Moffat has written a new bonus short, “Pompadour, featuring Reinette and Myles will reprise the role for the first time in 14 years.[caption id="attachment_1201544" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The Girl in the Fireplace is the focus of the next Doctor Who rewatch, courtesy of BBC.[/caption]We're going back in time to 18th century France[...]

Robert Shearman's Dalek was the topic of this week's Doctor Who rewatch, courtesy of BBC.

Doctor Who Writer Robert Shearman Shares Monsters That Might've Been

Doctor Who fans have had online events such as global rewatches and live-tweeting as well as creative teams behind favorite episodes releasing original content to bookend and enhance the adventures over the past few weeks to enjoy. On Thursday, Doctor Who Magazine's Emily Cook coordinated yet another: this time, a global rewatch and live-tweet of […]

Rose confronts a Dalek on Doctor Who, courtesy of BBC Studios.

Robert Shearman, 2 Dalek Actors Join Doctor Who Global Rewatch

Emily Cook, organizer of the Doctor Who global rewatches, announced on Twitter that the next episode to get the treatment is "Dalek". This is the 2005 episode from showrunner Russell T. Davies' debut season and a major milestone. It reintroduced Daleks to a whole new generation of kids who didn't previously know about the most […]

Peter Capaldi finds himself Heaven Sent and needing shades on Doctor Who, courtesy of BBC Studios.

Our Next Doctor Who Rewatch Is Truly Heaven Sent In So Many Ways

On Saturday, Doctor Who Magazine writer Emily Cook, the mastermind behind the rewatch events, tweeted that the next episode would be "Heaven Sent." Clearly, Cook doesn't like wasting any time. Writer Steven Moffat and director Rachel Talalay will live-tweet along with actor Jami Reid-Quarell, who played The Veil. The rewatch takes place on Tuesday, April […]

The TARDIS says hello to the Doctor for the first and last time on Doctor Who, courtesy of BBC Studios.

Arthur Darvill Returns as Rory in Neil Gaiman-Penned Doctor Who Intro

The BBC and Doctor Who Magazine writer Emily Cook are back once again this weekend, hosting another live-tweet rewatch of an important DW episode. If you're joining us now and haven't had time to check what episode scribe Neil Gaiman, actor Michael Sheen, and director Richard Clark have to say about the "The Doctor's Wife," […]

Suranne Jones's TARDIS greets the Doctor in Doctor Who, courtesy of BBC Studios.

The Doctor's Wife Star Suranne Jones Welcomes Doctor Who Rewatch Fans

The BBC and Doctor Who Magazine writer Emily Cook are back this weekend with another live-tweet rewatch of an important DW episode, and they're bringing another impressive line-up of guests to join along. This time, viewers will be screening the fourth episode of Series 6, "The Doctor's Wife" with episode scribe Neil Gaiman, actor Michael […]

American Gods: Starz Releases Season 1 Live-Tweet "Holy Day Binge" Schedule

Looking to get caught up on the the war between the "new gods" and "old gods" before it reignites for a second season on Sunday, March 10? Well, your friends at Starz have heard your prayers and are offering a unique binge-watching opportunity to get viewers up-to-speed on their adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novel American Gods. Starting at 3 p.m. […]

[Oscars 2018] Bleeding Cool's Guide to Our Awards Coverage

Now we're sure you woke up Sunday morning thinking, "Gee, I hope Bleeding Cool lets us know when and where we can watch tonight's Academy Awards red carpet and show." As if that wasn't bad enough, it was probably followed up with an even more pressing concern: "Wait a minute! How can I watch the […]

X-Files season 11, episode 5

Join Us Tonight: We're Gonna Live Tweet The X-Files Season 11, Episode 5

Yes, we're still pretty proud of the official The X-Files twitter responding to us last week during our live tweet of "The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat".  There's no telling what'll happen tonight.Check out the teaser of season 11 episode 5 "Ghouli" here: episode is written and directed by James Wong, and the official synopsis[...]


Join Us Tonight: We're Gonna Live Tweet X-Files Season 11, Episode 4

It's that time again, X-philes — a live tweet of tonight's season 11, episode 4 of The X-Files on Fox After a super-lacking and enraging episode 1, a pretty solid episode two, and an AMAZING episode 3, our hopes are finally back up to a fairly optimistic level., titled 'The Lost Art Of Forehead Sweat', is[...]

Join Us Tonight for the 2018 SAG Awards Live Tweet

The 24th Annual SAG Awards are tonight, and that means we're gonna live tweet them!  You can read the 2018 Screen Actors Guild awards nominees list here.The 2018 ceremony is unique this year, for the first time the SAGs will have an emcee for the night. Kristen Bell is hosting, and the ceremony will feature exclusively[...]

Join Us Tonight For The 23rd Annual Critics Choice Awards Live Tweet

Awards shows.  Seriously, the beginning of the year is LOUSY with awards ceremonies, and we're doing our best to keep you informed of the results.[caption id="attachment_773680" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Official logo for this year's Critics Choice Awards[/caption]Tonight, we get the 23rd Annual Critics Choice Awards live on The CW at 8pm PST.  Olivia Munn is hosting,[...]

Join Us Tonight- We're Gonna Live Tweet X-Files Season 11 Episode 2

After last week's highly disappointing premiere of FOX favorite series The X-Files, we're REALLY hoping tonight's second episode is better.  It really should be, as it's penned by long-time X-Files writer Glen Morgan.Morgan is behind several classic episodes of the series along with his writing partner James Wong.  Glen's brother Darin Morgan also wrote for the series as well as[...]

X-Files Season 11: Live Tweet Along With Us During The Premiere

That’s not my X-Files. So, if you're brave and don't mind spoilers, please join us on twitter on our BleedingCoolTV account to live tweet the season 11 premiere episode, "My Struggle III".Tweets by BleedingCoolTV Tonight, FOX's The X-Files returns for it's 11th season premiere.  You may recall last year, we got a six episode mini series that[...]