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Hasbro Re-Releasing Popular Power Rangers Lighting Collection Figures
The Red Ranger was easily one of the hardest and priciest figures of the original rangers, so it's nice to see his return to shelves later this year. The restocks do not end there as Lord Drakkon is back and ready to try and destroy the Rangers once again His Green and White Ranger combo design[...]
Fear The Might of Power Rangers Lord Drakkon with threezero
Releasing exclusively as a PX Exclusive, Lord Drakkon has been summoned once again This dark Power Rangers villain played a huge role in the Power Rangers comic book story arc Shattered Grid Lord Drakkon is Tommy Oliver from a darker timeline who fused both Green and White Ranger morphers together Threezero brings this legendary villain[...]
New Lord Drakkon Gets Power Rangers Drakkon New Dawn #1 31,000 Orders
And then in last week's Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1, she not only outsold most other super-heroes, but she also did something else impressive: She became the new Lord Drakkon (though no one's given her that name officially)… or is that Lady Drakkon? Power Rangers Drakkon New Dawn #1. That explains why the issue sold out before[...]
Power Rangers Lightning Collection Wave 3 Announced
Last but not least we are getting my favorite reveal from the newest wave, Mighty Morphin Ranger Lord Drakkon This fan-favorite character comes from the comic book series where we get an evil version of Tommy Oliver The figure comes with an extra head, dragon dagger, and a weapon effect This will be a perfect[...]
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Receives a Lord Drakkon Trailer
A world of pain is on the way in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid as nWay released a brand new trailer featuring Lord Drakkon Some of you may recognize the character from the recent Boom! Studios comics Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Shattered Grid, where we learn this is a version of Tommy Oliver from a[...]