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Exclusive: Check Out A Clip From Final Frequency, Out August 31st
Final Frequency is a new sci-fi film coming out next week directed by Tim Lowry and starring Charles Shaughnessy (The Nanny, The Magicians), Richard Burgi (Hostel II, Desperate Housewives), and Lou Ferrigno Jr. (SWAT, Stargirl) that "follows a band of misfits as they work to thwart rogue scientists who are using Nikola Tesla's most secret formulas to manufacture the Mother[...]
EXCLUSIVE: Hear Two Tracks From The Dreamcatcher Score, Opens Friday
Starring Niki Koss, Zachary Gordon, Travis Burns, Blaine Kern III, Olivia Sui, Emrhys Cooper, Elizabeth Posey, Nazanin Mandi, Adrienne Wilkinson, and Lou Ferrigno Jr., the film sees mayhem take place at a music festival, where a DJ is looking to stamp his card to fame Obviously, music will play a huge role in the film,[...]