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Hannibal: An Artform On The Small Screen
Back in April of this year during an interview with Vulture about his on-screen career, Mads Mikkelsen was asked about his turn as Dr Hannibal Lecter in Bryan Fuller's take on author Thomas Harris' world (NBC's Hannibal) One area that was broached was that moment in the third season finale with Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) that had[...]
Mads Mikkelsen is Reportedly in Talks to Join Fantastic Beasts 3
Mads Mikkelsen is taking over the role of Grindelwald from Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beasts 3, after the latter was fired from the film series by the WB over legal problems he is embroiled in The film will now release with Mikkelsen in the role, and will open on July 15th, 2022 This is not[...]
Hannibal: An Artform On The Small Screen
As amazing of a film and television career that Mads Mikkelsen has had and continues to have, we don't think it's a stretch to say that his turn as Dr Hannibal Lecter in Bryan Fuller's take on author Thomas Harris' world (NBC's Hannibal) could probably end up being the one role Mikkelsen will be asked[...]
Hannibal: An Artform On The Small Screen
Now, series star Mads Mikkelsen has revealed to IndieWire the direction he would like to see the series go (a series he says continues to get "bigger and bigger")- and a familiar face to the series he would like to see play a familiar face to Harris' universe. Dr Lecter and Will Graham in an episode[...]
Lionsgate Releases a Poster for the Forever Delayed Chaos Walking
Starring Daisy Ridley, Tom Holland, Mads Mikkelsen, Demián Bichir, Cynthia Erivo, Nick Jonas, Kurt Sutter, and David Oyelowo and directed by Doug Liman, this sci-fi film has an incredible cast and filmmaking pedigree Yet it has sat on the shelf for almost two years now, for "reshoots" That is probably not a good sign, but[...]
Hannibal: An Artform On The Small Screen
Source: NBC So where does that leave things for Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) and elegant monster Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen)? The last time we checked in with Fuller, he was giving us the backstory on how the series made its way onto the air (for example, the network originally wanted John Cusack or Hugh Grant for[...]
Hannibal becomes nothing without the addition of a stellar cast, from Hugh Dancy as Will Graham to Mads Mikkelsen who played Hannibal Lecter The many pieces that put together the entire puzzle of Hannibal seemed to work so well, so many were surprised by the short run it seemed to have years ago The cancellation[...]
A scene from Hannibal (Image: NBCUniversal)
In mid-July, Nerdist House hosted a livestream of "Hannibal: A Delicious Reunion," bringing together series creator Bryan Fuller, cast members Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, Gillian Anderson, Caroline Dhavernas, Katie Isabelle, Raúl Esparza, Hettiene Park, Kacey Rohl, Scott Thompson, Aaron Abrams, and more for a look back at the popular take on Thomas Harris' "The Silence[...]
Mads Mikkelsen in Polar
Mads Mikkelsen does his best John Wick impression for his latest Netflix film, Polar. Based on the 2012 Victor Santos webcomic of the same name published by Dark Horse Comics, Mikkelsen plays Duncan Vizla, an internationally renowned assassin coming out of retirement to seek revenge against his former employer, who placed a hit on him Like[...]
Mads Mikkelsen svcc
Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen is the most recent gent to portray the fictional character Dr Hannibal Lecter, and has arguably spent the most time (consecutively) portraying the not-so-good doctor This is something of which Mikkelsen is highly aware, and boy-howdy does he know how to appease the rabid Hannibal fanbase (aka Fannibals). All photos in this piece are[...]
Mads Mikkelsen Polar
Against his will, he finds himself back in the game going head-to-head with an army of younger, faster, and more ruthless killers who will stop at nothing to have him silenced. The cast for the film includes: Mads Mikkelsen (Doctor Strange, Rogue One), Vanessa Hudgens (Spring Breakers, Beastly), Katheryn Winnick (Vikings), and Matt Lucas (Alice In Wonderland, Doctor[...]
Mads Mikkelsen To Star In Adaptation Of Victor Santos' Polar
Mads Mikkelsen will star in an adaptation of Polar: Came With The Cold, the Dark Horse graphic novel by Victor Santos, according to a press release from the publisher. Jonas Åkerlund is directing the film, from a screenplay by Jayson Rothwell. "Mads Mikkelsen was born to play the world's best assassin," said producer and person whose name suggests[...]
A BC October: Bryan Fuller On 'Hannibal' Murder NBC Wouldn't Allow
Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) from author Thomas Harris' Red Dragon and Hannibal novels achieved both critical praise and a cult following for its unique visual style; quality of performances; and bold, refreshing take on characters already established in pop culture lure. Did I also mention the murder and crime scenes? Because when we discuss the unique[...]
Death Stranding
So when we do get tidbits of real news, we tend to look at it more as a miracle. Over a week ago, YongYea reported that Mads Mikkelsen was still doing motion capturing for scenes in the game, which the actor himself freely admitted during a South Korean conference It's being reported on Reddit and a few smaller[...]