Mads Mikkelsen Only Understood Some Of Death Stranding When Kojima Explained It


We've had two good looks at Death Stranding thus far, and I don't think anyone shy of Hideo Kojima could tell you what is really going on in the game.

Hell, Mads Mikkelsen had it explained to him and he still doesn't seem to quite understand it. Speaking to Birth.Movies.Death the actor explained how much he enjoyed working with Kojima. Referencing the first trailer with Norman Reedus, Mikkelsen said:

I thought that was spectacular just from the standpoint of an actor. The emotion, the feeling of it, the sensuality in what he does. Without even being a gamer, I was like, this is crazy, what he's doing. I loved it.

He did admit though that he only understood some of the game. He said:

It's very intricate. I mean, you know (Kojima). He's a very brilliant man. I mean … the stuff he told me? I only understood some of it. There was a lot of (mimes being baffled) "What?" I have to see it before I understand. Because with Death Stranding, he's creating something completely new.

Kojima is nothing if not distinctive. His ideas are often bonkers, but there is no one doing what he is doing, so Mikkelsen's response seems to fit. I'm excited to see what this game actually is though. I can't wait to see it in action.

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