At Long Last, 'Death Stranding' Has A Graphics Demo

At Long Last, 'Death Stranding' Has A Graphics Demo

After a few quiet months with little information being given on the project, Kojima Productions has showcased an early look at the advanced lighting and fog system that's being developed for Death Stranding. This will be director Hideo Kojima's first game since his split with Konami, and has been on everyone's mind since being revealed at E3 last year.

And now we have some solid in-engine footage from the game, which should please quite a few fans. During a tech presentation at SIGGRAPH, Kojima Productions showcased a graphics demo, which is being built on Guerrilla Games' Decima Engine, which is the same engine that powers Horizon: Zero Dawn.

The demo features the location shown in the Death Stranding trailer that debuted at PSX 2016 and shows just how stunning things can look in the Decima Engine.

During the presentation, Kojima Productions graphics programmer Kohei Ishiyama discussed the "height fog model" which was custom created by the studio for the Decima Engine for an "atmospheric scattering system" that is specifically optimized for rendering photo-realistic lighting. Basically, the fog and lighting in Death Stranding are a custom job, and will look better than just about anything, going by Kojima's tendency for perfection.

What we know about Death Stranding so far includes that the game won't be a horror title, will not shy away from comedy, and aims to deliver a new kind of action experience with an open-world design. In addition to Norman Reedus, the game will feature characters based on the likenesses of Guillermo del Toro and Mads Mikkelsen.

The game does not have a release window as of yet, but is being developed for the current generation of consoles. You can watch the new graphics demo for Death Stranding below.

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