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Dark Horse Announces The Umbrella Academy: The Board Game
Mantic, along with comic book publisher Dark Horse Comics, announced they will be releasing The Umbrella Academy: The Board Game The game will allow you to play one of the members of the series as you will work together with up to four other players to defeat some of the infamous enemies that the group[...]
"Kings of War" Gets New Third Edition in October
Mantic Games has just announced that they will be celebrating the upcoming tenth anniversary of their Kings of War fantasy miniature combat game with an all-new third edition! Here's the official press release from Mantic: //Credit: Mantic KINGS OF WAR THIRD EDITION DUE FOR RELEASE THIS OCTOBER Mantic Games releasing a new 380-page rulebook for the world's best[...]
Hellboy Overwhelms Mantic Warehouses, Savings Ensue
Mantic Games had a phenomenally successful Kickstarter for their Hellboy game a while back that raised a whole ton of money And now, a whole ton of miniatures are headed to Mantic's warehouses. credit// Mantic Thanks to the huge success of Hellboy, it means our warehouse is due to get very full, very quickly in a few weeks[...]
Mantic Shows off 'Hellboy' Kickstarter Box, and We're Crying
Long, long ago, Mantic had a very successful Kickstarter campaign for their Hellboy board game Based off of Mike Mignola's legendary hell-spawned comic character, the Hellboy game piled on stretch goals like baby Hellboy piled on pancakes at the buffet line We held off, though, because the retail edition of the game would be plenty[...]
Mantic Shares Details and New Minis for Deadzone
Mantic just came off of a great year for Deadzone, their 28mm Skirmish Sci-fi game With the successful launch of the Nameless faction, the brand-new Outbreak supplement, and an incredibly popular summer campaign, Mantic have found themselves with a lot to reflect on for the past year We're in a brand new year, though, and[...]
Mantic Shows off the Goods with Upcoming Warpath Releases
Mantic Games, the champions of budget war-gamers everywhere, have something pretty sweet in store for Warpath players in March: Courtesy Mantic Games That's the Plague army box, and it's packed full of mutated firepower! The Plague is the scourge of humanity – able to bring entire planets to their knees This terrifying, mysterious disease infects its host, changing[...]
Mantic and Red Scar Publishing Announce Kings of War Role Playing Game
Mantic's Kings of War franchise has already enjoyed a considerable amount of success, first as a massive, rank-and-flank miniatures wargame, then a series of fiction books, the Dungeon Saga series, and then the Vanguard skirmish game, which allows small groups of brave warriors to clash over objectives that can influence later Kings of War games. Courtesy[...]
Kings of War: Vanguard Abyssal Warband Booster Review
Mantic Games released new skirmish rules in November for Kings of War, their rank-and-flank table-top war game The new system, Kings of War: Vanguard, sets a much smaller field of battle with an emphasis on fewer figures and entertaining scenarios Mantic also released a few new sets of models for the Night Stalker, Northern Alliance,[...]
Bring Lucille Home for the Holidays with Mantic's Here's Negan
Mantic Games is about to make your holidays a little murdery with The Walking Dead: Here's Negan, their new co-operative board game Shipping is set to begin on December 3rd, and you can pre-order directly from Mantic or your local game store! Here's Negan brings a group of survivors together to impress the Lucille-swinging leader: One of the key[...]