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How Bill Jemas Killed Grant Morrison's Marvel Boy 2
On their Xanaduum Substack, Grant Morrison has been talking about years past, including the planned sequel to their Marvel Boy comic book at the time, with Phil Winslade to replace JG Jones as the series artist And why it didn't go down too well with Marvel Comics executives at the time for the most bizarre[...]
Guardians Of The Galaxy #8 Review: This Issue Has Everything
Two of the dignitaries have been horribly murdered, and Marvel Boy, a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy who's also "entangled" with the Olympian demigod Hercules, is the prime suspect Enter Ranger Rocket, a sentient not-raccoon who drinks and knows things He has to find out who the real killer is in order to[...]
Guardians Of The Galaxy #7 Review: Lots To Like
As the new ambassador for the Utopian Kree, MARVEL BOY made a solemn promise to be on his best behavior… …so how come his fellow diplomats are being murdered one by one – and it looks like he's the killer? In Guardians Of The Galaxy #7, it's a new day in the farthest reaches of the[...]
Marvel Boy and Hercules Are An Item Now - Guardians Of The Galaxy #6
The preview of the sixth issue below features the post-battle celebration of Marvel Boy and Hercules. Marvel Boy and Hercules Are An Item Now – Guardians Of The Galaxy #6 While revealing that the two are now an item. Marvel Boy and Hercules Are An Item Now – Guardians Of The Galaxy #6 Marvel Boy and Hercules Are An[...]
Royals #8 Review: Wrath Of Gorgon
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Royals #8 cover by Sanford Greene The Last Inhuman takes the Accuser to the location of a Skyspear in the future while that same Accuser, Noh-Varr, AKA Marvel Boy, has a revelation in the present. There is little time to process this, as the Snarrks make their move against the Universal Inhumans, equipped with the powers[...]
Unfortunately, neither group yet suspects the threat that the Snarks bring to the table and that they have captured Gorgon. Medusa, Maximus, and Marvel Boy are taken to the Sky Spear on the world of the Universal Inhumans, and the two put a plan to action that many would likely not expect. The most noticeable and appreciable[...]
Royals #5 Review: An Enjoyable Read, Especially For Inhumans Fans
Luckily, Crystal, Medusa, and Marvel Boy begin to gather some ideas on how to overcome the Accuser and his methods. Royals is shaping up to be the perfect example of a "pretty good" comic It never rises to greatness, but it hasn't really slumped into boredom or detachment The characters are likable enough, and the premise[...]
Royals #4 Review: Little Head, Big Arms, Little Story
They actually tend to behave like fairly complex characters. That brings us to Royals, a book centering on Medusa, Maximus (originally disguised as Black Bolt), Gorgon, Crystal, Swain, Flint, and Noh-Varr, AKA Marvel Boy or Protector, on their quest through the galaxy to find a new means of inciting Terrigenesis in the wake of the destruction[...]
Inhumans Finally Feel Vibrant And Different: Inhumans Prime Review
The issue isn't filled with surprises or shocks, but it does set up mysteries that will most likely be unfolding in each of the main books of the Inhumans line (bar Secret Warriors, which as we understand it is heavily linked to Secret Empire, so I suppose it makes sense that that one book of[...]