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Inhumans: Judgment Day #1 cover by Daniel Acuna

Inhumans Judgment Day #1 Review: The Coming of the Gods

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Inhuman Royals have returned with the Prima Materia in tow. Fearing the retaliation of the Progenitors, they have made their base in the Grey Area of Earth's Moon in a tower created by the future Moon King, Flint. Maximus, now calling himself the Mage, claims to have had a change of heart […]

Royals #12 cover by Javier Rodriguez and Alvaro Lopez

Royals #12 Review: Decent Read, but with an Underwhelming Finale for the Series

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Inhuman Royals are escaping in a crystal being controlled by Flint with their sample of the Prima Materia. In the future, the Last Inhuman, the Last Accuser, and the Moon King come face-to-face with the judgement of the Progenitors. Maximus of the present uses the Prima Materia in the hopes of saving […]

Royals #10 Review: Picking A Fight With The Gods

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Inhuman Royals have arrived at the World Farm of the Progenitors, the creators of the Kree race. They need to get on the world's surface, which is protected by the Progenitors themselves. However, even if they arrive on the World Farm, even then there are systems in place to protect the planets […]

Royals #9 cover by Javier Rodriguez

Marvel Legacy Royals #9 Review: It Finally Clicks

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]   The future Maximus and Noh-Varr arrive at a Skyspear while something is happening to Flint in the present. Medusa and Gorgon's relationship develops, and present Maximus explains the Prima Materia to his fellow Inhumans. At long last, the Inhuman Royal Family arrives at the home of the Progenitors, the World Farm. Royals […]

Royals #8 Review: Wrath Of Gorgon

[rwp-review-recap id="0"][caption id="attachment_719609" align="aligncenter" width="404"] Royals #8 cover by Sanford Greene[/caption]The Last Inhuman takes the Accuser to the location of a Skyspear in the future while that same Accuser, Noh-Varr, AKA Marvel Boy, has a revelation in the present.There is little time to process this, as the Snarrks make their move against the Universal Inhumans,[...]


Royals #7 Review: Improved Art And More Maximus

Unfortunately, neither group yet suspects the threat that the Snarks bring to the table and that they have captured Gorgon.Medusa, Maximus, and Marvel Boy are taken to the Sky Spear on the world of the Universal Inhumans, and the two put a plan to action that many would likely not expect.The most noticeable and appreciable[...]

Royals #5 Review: An Enjoyable Read, Especially For Inhumans Fans

Luckily, Crystal, Medusa, and Marvel Boy begin to gather some ideas on how to overcome the Accuser and his methods.Royals is shaping up to be the perfect example of a “pretty good” comic It never rises to greatness, but it hasn’t really slumped into boredom or detachment The characters are likable enough, and the premise[...]

Royals #4 Review: Little Head, Big Arms, Little Story

They actually tend to behave like fairly complex characters.That brings us to Royals, a book centering on Medusa, Maximus (originally disguised as Black Bolt), Gorgon, Crystal, Swain, Flint, and Noh-Varr, AKA Marvel Boy or Protector, on their quest through the galaxy to find a new means of inciting Terrigenesis in the wake of the destruction[...]

Inhumans Finally Feel Vibrant And Different: Inhumans Prime Review

The issue isn't filled with surprises or shocks, but it does set up mysteries that will most likely be unfolding in each of the main books of the Inhumans line (bar Secret Warriors, which as we understand it is heavily linked to Secret Empire, so I suppose it makes sense that that one book of[...]

The Double Endowment Of Marvel Boy That Never Was

Um. Um. Just, take it away, Kieron. As established in his original mini, Noh-Varr has a bunch of cockroach genes worked into his system. That leads to the speed, the survivability, the running on walls and all that. Presumably cockroaches have mind-control saliva on whatever Hala Noh is from too. I digress. Anyway, I was […]

Kieron Gillen Talks Young Avengers, Indeed, It's Difficult To Get Him To Stop.

So here are a few snippets from each with links to the main events.Marvel Boy Noh-Varr has two saving graces Firstly, he hasn’t collapsed completely He’s instinctively a hero – his hedonism is almost impossible to separate from a hero Superheroism as Point-Break Surfer-Zen, world disasters as a wave to be ridden and mastered[...]