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Captain Marvel Marvel Future Revolution Statue Revealed by PCS
This version of the iconic cosmic hero shows off her latest appearance in the hit mobile open-world video game Marvel Future Revolution Her New Stark City costume is faithfully recreated, featuring a more tactical and armored suit compared to her Marvel Comics counterpart PCS sculpted her carefully, and the added power effects do add a[...]
Ghost Rider Officially Arrives In Marvel Future Revolution
A brand new update has come to Marvel Future Revolution this week as the Spirit Of Vengeance, Ghost Rider, has come to the game The latest chapter update is officially live in the game and it brings about two new deadly regions to explore as you'll now have to contend with people and places within[...]
Marvel Future Revolution Introduces Magik In Latest Update
Netmarble has dropped their December update into Marvel Future Revolution involving Spider-Man and introducing Magik The first part of the update is pretty much a no-brainer as to why it's here as they are promoting the latest Spider-Man film with some fun in-game events Meanwhile, Magik joins the game as a brand new playable character[...]
Marvel Future Revolution
Netmarble has unleased a brand new update into Marvel Future Revolution as players can try out the brand new Eternals content in time for the film There's no grand build-up needed for this one as you already know what;s up from previous events in their line of Marvel games You're getting four characters from the[...]
Marvel Future Revolution Receives First Update Featuring Dormammu
Netmarble has released its first-ever update for the mobile game Marvel Future Revolution as players will have to contend with Dormammu The update opened up a brand new region with Dark Domain 1, which is now accessible to everyone to take on new Epic and Side Missions, along with region-specific villains and supervillains, and a[...]
Netmarble Releases The Marvel Future Revolution Soundtrack
Netmarble has taken the next step to promote their next new game, Marvel Future Revolution, with the release of its soundtrack The game won't be released to the public until August 25th, but you can currently hype yourself up on the music on what is being called the Convergence Soundtrack Each of the songs represents[...]
Netmarble Opens Pre-Registration For Marvel Future Revolution
During a livestream this evening, Netmarble revealed the official release date for Marvel Future Revolution as it will drop in late August The team revealed that they will be releasing the game on August 25th through both iOS and Android, and that you can currently pre-register for the game on both platforms right now If[...]
Netmarble Opens Pre-Registration For Marvel Future Revolution
It's been a long time since we've heard anything concrete about Marvel Future Revolution, but Netmarble has just opened up the gates The company has revealed details about the storyline as well as opened up pre-registration for both iOS and Android players to get in on the game In this continuation of the original story[...]
Netmarble Announces "Marvel Future Revolution" At PAX East 2020
This afternoon during PAX East 2020, Netmarble and Marvel revealed their next mobile title for iOS and Android with Marvel Future Revolution According to the info released today, you're getting a multiplayer open-world RPG with, as you might suspect, a cavalcade of top heroes from the comics And yes, we need to be clear here,[...]