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GigaBash Kaiju/Mecha Title Releases On PC And PS4 In Early 2022
Malaysia-based independent video game developer Passion Republic Games has announced that their indie kaiju/mecha brawler, GigaBash, will be coming to PC and the PlayStation 4 console in early 2022 The Steam Store and Epic Games Store will be updated with the game's information as of PAX Online East 2021, which runs from July 15th to July[...]
Spider-Man Gets His Own Marvel Mecha Figure With Mondo
Spider-Man is getting a mech upgrade as Mondo is finally releasing their long await Marvel Mecha Figures Originally debuted back in 2018, these figures pay tribute to Manga and Japanese Mecha designs from the 80s and 90s Standing 10" tall and with 30 points of articulation, Spider-Man is ready to take on any large monster[...]
Power Rangers: Heroes Of The Grid Megazord Figure Is One Big Hero
Here's what we think of it! The front lid of the box for Renegade Game Studios' Megazord deluxe figure for the Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid board game. Put fairly bluntly, from a mechanical standpoint this box is purely aesthetic in nature and provides no additional necessary game pieces to the core Heroes of the Grid[...]