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Miss. Better Living Through Crime by Philippe Thirault, Marc Riou & Mark Vigouroux from Humanoids.

Humanoids Releases a Comics Bundle Through Groupees

For that money, you also get what I imagine is the first half of the issues that comprise the 2000’s era revival of Metal Hurlant (I wrote about Humanoids reprinting several of stories from that revival here.)At $8, we start cooking with gas Here Humanoids offers the first three of the six albums that make[...]

Metal Hurlant - Selected Works-cover

Four Of My Favorite Stories From Metal Hurlant: Selected Works

Humanoids sent me a .pdf of their new collection Metal Hurlant: Selected Works contains the best of the non-Alejandro Jodorowsky stories from the 2000's revival of the magazine Metal Hurlant Humanoids already collected the Jodorowsky stories in a small hardcover called Screaming Planet, which you could say Metal Hurlant: Selected Works is a sister release.[caption[...]

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4 Thoughts: I've Got War on the Mind for Humanoids Trade Armies

In Armies by Jean-Pierre Dionnet, Picaret & Jean-Claude Gal, I finally found a comic that first saw publication in Metal Hurlant, back in the day when Les Humanoïdes Associés ran it Penciller Jean-Claude Gal marks the pages as 79 and 80, making Armies (previously Conquering Armies) of the original Metal Hurlant vintage Here are some[...]

“Levius” is a Lavish, Gorgeous and Violent Steampunk MMA Manga [Review]

"Levius" is a Lavish, Gorgeous and Violent Steampunk MMA Manga [Review]

Haruhisa Nakata’s elegant draftsmanship creates epic vistas of his Steampunk city and broken characters that are more reminiscent of Metal Hurlant than manga Nakata explores themes of broken people who find meaning and honour in the art of fighting Fighting is their way of expressing their souls, even when the price they pay includes ending[...]

Jud Meyers

Humanoids Names Jud Meyers Director of Sales and Marketing

And fun!” Alex Donoghue, Humanoids’ COO, said of the hire: “After getting to know Jud through his fantastic stores and his continued passion for our catalog, we are thrilled to have him join our team and shepherd our sales and marketing efforts.” Humanoids has been around for 40 years starting with the Metal Hurlant as well as series[...]

Humanoids Unveils New Logo For Metal… Teases More To Come

The comic book magazine, Metal Hurlant, is near and dear to my heart Besides being the predecessor to Heavy Metal, Metal Hurlant was the home of my first two freelance stories as a writer as well as leading to my first screen work in Metal Hurlant Chronicles  So when Humanoids puts out a press release[...]

Did I Leave Something At 10 Cloverfield Lane?

seems like a pretty good story.But then again I thought it was a pretty good story back in 2002 when I wrote Shelter Me for Metal Hurlant magazine A story about a young woman who wakes up in a bomb shelter with a neighbor she hardly knows He tells her that nuclear bombs went off[...]

Humanoids Buys Original Moebius Missing Logo From Auction – Updated

When Humanoids was first founded over 40 Years ago in Paris, Jean "Moebius" Giraud  hand drew the logo for the company. The original piece of art has been missing ever since. It showed up in a Manhattan auction last week where Humanoids bought it back. It's not known what the purchase price was or how […]

Humanoids Signs Deal To Have Books Published In The U.K.

Publisher, Fabrice Giger, said, “This is a wonderful opportunity, not only to establish stronger ties with British readers, but with UK creators as well.”Originally Les Humanoïdes Associés was founded in December 1974 by Moebius, Jean-Piere Dionnet and Philippe Druillet to publish Metal Hurlant and other science fiction based projects Fabrice Giger created Humanoids Inc as an American[...]

New Images From Metal Hurlant Season 2 With James Marsters And Michael Biehn

Humanoid Publishing's comic-turned-television series Metal Hurlant has started filming season 2 in Bucharest Romania recently, as reported previously and director Guillaume Lubrano shared a few stills from the filming.The first episode, Whiskey in the Jar will star comic and Sci-Fi favorites Michael "Terminator" Biehn and James "Buffy, Torchwood" Marsters This will be Marsters' second time in the series having stared in[...]

VIDEO TRAILERS – Heavy Metal Comic Coming To TV With The Metal Hurlant Chronicles

Development is underway on a Metal Hurlant (aka Heavy Metal) TV series, and there's already a completed pilot episode adapting Red Light and Cold Hard Facts for the screen The trailer for each can story be found below.This pilot was produced by We Productions, who Variety tell us are teaming up with the publishing house United[...]