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Shemar Moore as Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson in S.W.A.T., image courtesy of ViacomCBS.

So Is S.W.A.T. Too Pro-Cop for Our Current Mood?

It takes many of its stylistic cues from Michael Mann The show is set in Los Angeles, where the police have a very chequered history with the African-American and Latinx communities It also, unfortunately, has a reputation within the industry for treating actors badly.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRy0Dgs6eHYThat said, the show prides itself on having African-Americans and people of[...]

“Line Walker 2: Invisible Spy” is the Craziest Action Movie of the Year

"Line Walker 2: Invisible Spy" is the Craziest Action Movie of the Year

There’s a massive shootout in the middle of a busy city centre in Myanmar that's like Michael Mann on speed I was amazed at the orchestration of crashing cars, dozens of gunmen and a helicopter and hundreds of extras in the most impressive sequence for years Of course, there’s a three-way shootout in an empty[...]

Vin Diesel Can Feel A 'Miami Vice' Reboot Coming In The Air Tonight

Musician/composer Jan Hammer's official theme for the series is still considered by many one of the best and most recognized themes songs from the past forty years.The series Miami Vice spawned a 2006 feature film from director Michael Mann, Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx; and was produced by Universal Pictures In 2015, IDW Publishing/Lion Forge[...]

FX Lands Vietnam Chronicle 'Hue 1968,' Mann, DeLuca Producing

Michael Mann (Miami Vice, Heat) and Michael De Luca (producer, Moneyball) will be spearheading the project, with Mann expected to direct several of the 8-10 episodes (including the pilot) and serve as executive producer alongside De Luca and FX Productions.As a series, Hue 1968 will be a very different dramatic approach to the Vietnam War:[...]

Tread Perilously Podcast — Miami Vice: Missing Hours

We also learn Justin's real feelings on Michael Mann.Tread Perilously returns with Erik and Justin in "Assignment: Miami." For four weeks, the duo will take on pastels, neon rods and the worst Miami Vice can throw at them In week one, they face Missing Hours, notable as many fans' pick as the worst episode[...]

Chris Hemsworth As A Hacker In The Blackhat Trailer

The film also stars Viola Davis, Tang Wei and Wang Leehom and it's directed by Michael Mann.Blackhat will hit theaters January 16, 2015Its out third trailer for the day, a cinematic hat trick, and it comes with the first trailer for Legendary Pictures and Universal's new cyber thriller Blackhat starring Chris Hemsworth The film also stars Viola Davis, Tang Wei[...]

Hancock 2 "Will Happen", Story Idea Comes From Will Smith

The idea of a follow up isn't insane, it's just that we haven't heard anything in so long.Though now Peter Berg has apparently told CBM that work towards a follow-up continues: We've been talking about the sequel between us, Will Smith, [producers] Michael Mann and Akiva goldman and myself We're all interested, but we literally just[...]

Michael Mann And Baz Luhrmann Both Considering 3D Projects

As well as unveiling their plans for Star Wars at the CES, the studio also held a panel discussion with three directors who love Blu-ray: Michael Mann, Oliver Stone and Baz Luhrmann.Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge and Romeo + Juliet were finally released on Blu-ray last year and, frankly, I'm astonished by how good they look Most impressively, the[...]