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Where In The World Is DC YOU's Mystic U?
Dark Universe saw its creative team of James Tynion IV and Ming Doyle leave the book, with no news about the book's future – except that it now probably doesn't have one. But as for Mystic U, very little is known Aside that, from the title, one could presume that it was a university of college[...]
DC's Dark Universe And Mystic U Delayed To Later In 2015
In June, DC Comics is running it's mini-relaunch, as their titles get "batgirled" in an attempt to find and serve new audiences A couple of them slipped a month, new series Cyborg by David Walker and Ivan Reis and returning series Justice League United coming out in July. But I am told that two of their series, Dark[...]
Dan DiDio Just Answered My Questions On Prez, Doomed, Mystic U And Section 8
About how there were four books from the June mini-relaunch that I was really excited about, but seemed not to be lighting the fanbase on fire. Prez, Doomed, Mystic U and Section 8. So, since I was watching the InStore Comic Convention Kickoff, and Dan DiDio was on the screen, I tweeted out, #conventionkickoff question for Dan… what[...]
The 4 Least Looked Forward To DC Mini-Relaunch Titles Are The 4 I Am Most Looking Forward To
Fate 57 36% Harley Quinn/Power Girl 28 18% Justice League of America 76 48% Justice League 3001 46 29% Martian Manhunter 88 56% Midnighter 37 24% Mystic U 7 4% Omega Men 19 12% Prez 13 8% Red Hood/Arsenal 60 38% Robin, Son of Batman 79 50% Section Eight 11 7% Starfire 43 27% We Are Robin 65 41% But there are four that stick out as having less appeal than the others. Prez by Mark Russell and Ben Caldwell A teenage girl elected to the post of Presidency via Twitter with a very Grant Morrison era Doom[...]
3 More For DC Mini-Relaunch – Green Lantern Lost Army, Omega Men And Martian Manhunter (UPDATE)
Fate W: Paul Levitz A: Sonny Liew Harley Quinn/Power Girl (6-issue limited) W: Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner A: Stephane Roux Justice League of America W: Bryan Hitch A: Bryan Hitch Justice League 3001 W: Keith Giffen A: Howard Porter Martian Manhunter W: Rob Williams A: Ben Oliver Midnighter W: Steve Orlando A: ACO Mystic U W: Alisa Kwitney A: Stay tuned for artist info! Omega Men W: Tom King A: Alec Morgan Prez W: Mark Russell A: Ben Caldwell Red Hood/Arsenal W:[...]