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Liliana Deck Offered to Twitch Prime Users - "Magic: The Gathering"
This deck is blue and black and is a decent preconstructed deck. Source: Wizards of the Coast The 60-card decklist is as such: Planeswalker (1) 1 Liliana, Dreadhorde General Creature (22) 3 Aven Eternal 3 Eternal Skylord 2 Faerie Duelist 2 Foulmire Knight 2 Gleaming Overseer 1 Gravewaker 4 Lazotep Reaver 2 Nightveil Predator 2 Spectral Sailor 1 Sphinx of Foresight Sorcery (7) 2 Callous Dismissal 1 Enter the God-Eternals 2 Unexplained Vision 2 Winged Words Instant[...]
Wizards of the Coast Retracts Censorship Decision - "Magic: The Gathering"
Here we go. Source: Twitter After nonbinary Magic professional player Autumn Burchett's cards altered with trans rights slogans were stifled from seeing play during the sixth Mythic Championship at MagicFest Richmond – and then when the decision was reversed – people remarked a ton over Twitter and Reddit that the reversal of Wizards of the Coast's decision would incite[...]
"Magic: The Gathering" Pro Player Censored
Some are likening the act of protest against Trans-exclusionary radicals to Lee Shi Tian's protest in support of Hong Kong at the fifth Mythic Championship Others are saying that this sort of protest should not be seen in Magic events, and that it differs from Lee Shi Tian's protest because it's more blatant. Additionally, players who stand by[...]
Javier Dominguez Wins Mythic Championship V! - "Magic: The Gathering"
Congratulations to Javier Dominguez for winning Magic: The Gathering: Arena's fifth Mythic Championship! Source: Wizards of the Coast Javier ran a Gruul (red-green) Aggro deck throughout the event, and bested a multitude of other professional players, including Stanislav "StanCifka" Cifka (whose rise and return to Magic we have covered before), Gabriel Nassif (a veteran pro-player from when I was[...]
"Oathbreaker" Ban List Updated - "Magic: The Gathering"
The biggest tournament in Magic: The Gathering: Arena, the Mythic Championship, is reaching its fifth go-around, and will be conducted this coming weekend 68 players from across the globe are set to compete for thousands of dollars in prizes at that time, in Los Angeles, California at Thunder Studios. Source: Wizards of the Coast With that, Wizards[...]