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Echo Are Your Mythic Dungeon International Season 1 Global Champions
Mythic Dungeon International Season 1 has come to an end and Echo are now your new Global Champions for 2021 The team swept fierce competitors today in Perplexed as they went 3-0 to take the title Blizzard released more details about the match with a quote from the results below And we have the entire[...]
Wunderbar Takes
Over the weekend, Blizzard held their Mythic Dungeon International Battle for Azeroth Global Championship live online for all to see Like a lot of esports systems, Blizzard had to think outside the box a bit when it came to COVID-19 putting the kibosh on everything for 2020 The Mythic Dungeon International was one of the[...]
Blizzard Announces World of Warcraft's AWC and MDI Plans for 2019
This week, Blizzard has released new details of their plans for World of Warcraft's 2019 Arena World Championship (AWC) and the rebranded Mythic Dungeon International (MDI). First off, the Arena has a near-complete schedule listed for 2019, the only things that seem to be missing are dates and locations for the championship rounds The regionals seem to[...]