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The Best Hats At ECCC
Knave, authors of Amelia Cole from IDW (in print, Monkeybrain on Comixology digitally) and Never Ending from Dark Horse appear to be wearing shriner-style Amelia Cole fezzes (because fezzes are cool, though disclaimer: I've never had to type the word "fez" in the plural before) and what's more, they really pull it off They do[...]
Not-So-Live From The Comic Shop – Buzzkill, Never Ending, Saga, Black Science
This book's signature feature is turning out to be a sense of recreating the entire Saga universe each issue and making you realize that it probably was a different place than you realized all along. Never Ending, our new superhero book from Dark Horse, undercuts assumptions about hero psychology and riffs on our deeply embedded superhero[...]