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Doctor Who: Big Finish Celebrates Female Producers
Jac first worked with us 22 years ago, as the adapter of our first-ever production – the Bernice Summerfield adventure Oh No It Isn't.  So I am so pleased she has accepted the role of producer for the Sixth Doctor series.  I very much look forward to seeing what she and the very talented Emma[...]
Christopher Eccleston, the Doctor Who Got Away, Returns in Audio
To the surprise and joy of fans, he will play the 9th Doctor once again, for Big Finish audio dramas later this year- and now we have the details. "Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Adventures – The Ravagers" key art courtesy of Big Finish Doctor Who – The Ninth Doctor Adventures: Ravagers is a full-cast audio drama box[...]
Doctor Who voice actor Nicholas Briggs shows us how he voices the Daleks (Image: screencap)
Now, we get to hear from legendary Daleks voice actor Nicholas Briggs to learn what it was like to voice the iconic character for 20 years as well as some of his favorite lines. Doctor Who voice actor Nicholas Briggs shows us how he voices the Daleks (Image: screencap) For a free "masterclass" in doing right by[...]
Time Lord Victorious: Trailer | Doctor Who
Nicholas Briggs, who voices the Daleks on Doctor Who, spoke to this weekend to tease "Revolution of the Daleks", the holiday special that's expected to air around Christmas this year. Briggs has played the voice of the Daleks in countless Big Finish audio plays since the 1990s and the TV series since its revival in[...]
Doctor Who cover from Big Finish
With a range for each Doctor, there will be a natural 'stepping on point' for fans." Creative director and executive producer, Nicholas Briggs, added: "As well as making our ranges much less confusing for Big Finish beginners, these changes will allow us more exciting new possibilities and creative freedom By freeing the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors[...]
Rose confronts a Dalek on Doctor Who, courtesy of BBC Studios.
Writer Robert Shearman will join the rewatch to livetweet along with Dalek voice Nicholas Briggs and Dalek performer Barnaby Edwards The rewatch will take place on Thursday, April 30th at 7 pm British Standard Time (that would be 2 pm US Eastern Time) Viewers can follow the livetweet via the hashtag #TheMetaltron. Rose confronts a Dalek[...]
Camille Coduri offers words of hop to Doctor Who fans, courtesy of BBC Studios.
Tennant, Catherine Tate, Freema Agyeman, and John Barrowman, Noel Clarke, Nicholas Briggs, Nicholas Pegg, Barnaby Edwards and more quickly came on board for the festivities With a small break in-between episodes (it's pretty exhausting being fun, witty, and charming for that long, just look at everything Barrowman's been up to so far), fans are getting[...]
Colin Baker And Nicholas Briggs Discuss New Doctor Who Audio Drama
Amanda Gurall writes for Bleeding Cool: Big Finish Audio Dramas brought the sixth Doctor Colin Baker, voice of the Daleks and the Cybermen Nicholas Briggs together with the director and producer of the Who audio dramas Jason Haigh-Ellery to the main stage to discuss their work and announce the release of the newest drama, "The Light[...]
Leaked Doctor Who Call Sheet Adds Orla Brady To Christmas Special Cast List
Here's a photo purporting to show a call sheet from the Doctor Who Christmas Special, currently filming, with Matt Smith; Jenna Coleman;the voice of the Daleks and other aliens, Nicholas Briggs; and… Orla Brady, possibly better known around these parts as a certain Mrs Walter Bishop from Fringe… Thanks to posters on the Gallifrey Base forums,[...]