Colin Baker And Nicholas Briggs Discuss New Doctor Who Audio Drama

Amanda Gurall writes for Bleeding Cool:

Big Finish Audio Dramas brought the sixth Doctor Colin Baker, voice of the Daleks and the Cybermen Nicholas Briggs together with the director and producer of the Who audio dramas Jason Haigh-Ellery to the main stage to discuss their work and announce the release of the newest drama, "The Light at the End".

Colin Baker And Nicholas Briggs Discuss New Doctor Who Audio Drama

We first had a bit of an explanation that audio dramas have remained big in the UK, and while maybe 20% of this audience listened to them, about 90% of a British audience would.  It is a medium that is used as a proving ground for television series and often stars very accomplished actors.  In fact David Tennant was a regular in the audio circuit before signing on as the Doctor.  One of their dramas entitled "Spare Parts" was later turned into the television episode "Rise of the Cybermen".

Colin and Nicholas received a huge response from the whovian crowd and both were charming and pleasant. When the name David Tennant was mentioned the crowd went wild, driving Baker to make faces mockingly and note that an inferior Doctor cannot blink when faced with the weeping angels, but a superior Doctor such as himself would have no problem he would just wink as he then demonstrated.  Soon it was mentioned that Sylvester McCoy had the idea for a silent audio drama (seriously) and Baker said "That's what he SHOULD be doing! Silence!". He quickly added that while the actors who have played the Doctor like to make derrogatory comments about each other they are only joking and Sylvester is one of his dear friends.

Of course Nicholas Briggs sportingly did both the Cybermen and the Dalek voices which I admit was pretty great.

They screened a slide show to go along with the audio ad for the new drama which features the first eight Doctors battling an unknown force for the 50th anniversary.  They will be selling several versions of the drama from the basic CD to a limited edition (500) LP gatefold package with photo portfolio, making of documentary and other artwork.

Colin Baker talked a bit more about how much he loves to listen to audio dramas, especially his own, and the group told a few stories about casting and production.  It sounds like fans of classic Who and new Who alike will find the Big Finish audio drama an exciting companion to the November 23rd anniversary special.

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