Makai Wars Has Finally Been Unveiled After 13 Years

Makai Wars Has Finally Been Unveiled After 13 Years

A long long time ago at an E3 far far, Nippon Ichi Software announced Makai Wars for the PSP. Yes, that announcement came during E3 in 2004. The publisher quickly changed their tune as they announced at Tokyo Game Show 2005 that the title would be switched to the PlayStation 3.

Makai Wars was intended to be a strategy RPG featuring Asagi as its main protagonist. After those two conflicting announcements, the game fell into obscurity, and nothing specific was announced besides a few occasional teases. Ultimately, many fans started to mention it as a joke, believing that Asagi would never, ever have her own game.

That proved to be inaccurate, but just slightly.

After over thirteen years, Makai Wars has finally been re-revealed during Nippon Ichi's 25th anniversary livestream on Nico Nico from the e-Sports Square venue in Akihabara, Tokyo.

Now obviously the game isn't coming for either PSP or PS3. Instead of appearing on any Sony platform, the game is being released on iOS and Android. Nippon Ichi Software's president Souhei Niikawa described it as a mix between YoruDorashiru and the Disgaea series.

No release window was announced at the event, but what was revealed of the gameplay indicates that it will remain a strategy title, and we got a teaser trailer you can view below.

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