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So the last time we checked in on how things were going with showrunner Noah Hawley's upcoming Earth-set FX on Hulu Alien series, it was November and we were learning that a pilot script was being worked on as well as a series bible that breaks down to 8-10 hours of show narrative Now, Hawley[...]
Ridley Scott Can't Stop Teasing Us About Another Alien Movie
Credit Fox Maybe He Should Have Made A Better Alien Movie With Covenant, The Grouch The Alien TV show will have Noah Hawley (Legion, Fargo) developing it, and other than that, the only thing we know about it is that it will be set on Earth FX said during the announcement of the show to "Expect a[...]
During an interview with Vanity Fair from earlier this summer, Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley revealed that a fifth season of the award-winning, critically-acclaimed anthology series was coming together- slowly "Yeah, I think so I don't have it yet I have pieces that will have to survive They're not connected I think it would be good[...]
Earlier this summer, Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley offered some pretty extensive insight into his upcoming "Alien" series for FX Networks (more on that in a minute) Now it was FX network boss John Landgraf to offer an update on how the production is looking The executive revealed that Hawley's take will be a combination of[...]
Back in September 2020, Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley discussed the pitch he made FX Networks for an Alien miniseries and it apparently worked because, by the end of that year, the deal was done Now we're learning more from Hawley about the upcoming series in an interview with Vanity Fair to promote his new novel Anthem,[...]
Star Trek: Zachary Quino Believes Fourth Kelvin Film Still Possible
Adding to that complication, director Noah Hawley would have to decide to either retire the Kelvin Pavel Chekov or recast him entirely from the late Anton Yelchin. Zachary Quinto as Spock in Star Trek Beyond (2016) Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures With the Star Trek franchise showing no signs of slowing down on TV and an uncertain[...]
Noah Hawley to Write and Direct "Star Trek 4"
Finally, in November 2019, it was announced Noah Hawley was announced to have a movie in the works, only for it to get put on hold in August 2020 Hawley was recently asked by Deadline if Star Trek was on the horizon, and it sounds like it very much isn't. It doesn't appear to be in[...]
Fargo | Inside Installment 4: Noah Hawley | FX
With the fourth season nearing its halfway point with this Sunday's episode "The Birthplace of Civilization," Fargo creator Noah Hawley and season star/executive producer Chris Rock have crafted a season of the FX/FX on Hulu's unlike any of the previous three In fact, when it comes to scope, style, and structure, Hawley has crafted a massive[...]
Zachary Quinto Talks Star Trek 4 and the Cast Would Return
Now that he's been put in charge of the fourth film and an industry ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, director Noah Hawley talked to Collider about the difficulties of resuming the franchise on the big screen. Noah HawleyEditorial credit: DFree / How Star Trek Factors in a Ravaged Film Industry "One of the biggest challenges that anyone[...]
A look at the "Alien" franchise (Image: TWDC)
The last week or so has been a bit of a "glass-half-empty/glass-half-full" run for Fargo creator Noah Hawley On the "empty" side, there was the news that his planned "Star Trek" feature film was being put in "stasis" (translation: we'll get a new book from George RR Martin before it ever sees the light of[...]
Fargo Teaser: No One Gets Off This Ride Until the Rollercoaster Stops
Though it might've taken a bit longer than star/EP Chris Rock and series creator Noah Hawley had in mind when they began production on Fargo, the fourth season ("installment") will finally see the light of day on Sunday night With only hours to go, the network released a new teaser that offers viewers a fresh[...]
Fargo | Installment 4: Ethelrida Teaser | FX
This Sunday, series star/EP Chris Rock and series creator Noah Hawley will finally get the chance to unveil the fourth season of Fargo– a season that looks to be the series' largest yet (both in scope and cast of characters) While much of the focus up to this point has been on the growing tensions between[...]
Fargo returns for a fourth season soon, courtesy of FX Networks.
With series star/EP Chris Rock and series creator Noah Hawley's Fargo ready to draw the curtain back on a fourth season that looks to be the FX/FX on Hulu series' largest one yet (both in scope and cast of characters) To help set the mood, the network released two new teasers that begin to establish the[...]
Fargo | Installment 4: Rollercoaster Teaser | FX
If there's one thing that became pretty clear from covering the season's casting news, series star/EP Chris Rock and series creator Noah Hawley's Fargo was going to have a pretty sizeable cast with something like 26 characters in play Most of the focus up to now has been on Rock's Loy Cannon and Jason Schwartzman's Josto Fadda,[...]