Pokémon Enters Into New 25th Anniversary Collaboration With Oreo

This sweet collaboration began with a mysterious tweet. Twitter may be primarily known as the social media app where people go to dunk on each other, but it has also become a place where brands go to milk their followers for as much hype as they can get for delicious new endeavors. The official Oreo Twitter account posted a video that hinted at a mysterious collaboration, inviting people to figure out who their partner was but the riddle proved to be a tough cookie to crack. They have now followed up, though, revealing Pokémon as the mysterious company pairing with Oreo to deliver a treat to fans in the coming months.

Pokémon collaboration tweet. Credit: Oreo
Pokémon collaboration tweet. Credit: Oreo

The original Tweet that Oreo posted to Twitter read:

Our newest collab in September is going to be⚡️ Can you guess what it is, Trainers? Here are some more hints: 🍃🔥💧

All right, so that's not a tough cookie at all, but sometimes, you just have to lean into the puns when filling out an announcement. If we just repeat the information over and over, it'll feel a bit too much like double-dipping.

Oreo then followed up with this confirmation:

In case you didn't CATCH it on your feed,

Hey, why are you yelling at us, A Cookie's E-Mail Account? Oh, catch as in Pokémon. Got you, got you. Let's try that again.

In case you didn't CATCH it on your feed, I wanted to make sure you were one of the first to see the latest news from the OREO brand. For now all we can confirm is that an OREO x Pokémon partnership is in the works, but we will have much more for you to discover when we launch in September, so please stay tuned!

While we don't have any information beyond that… you know what would slip nicely into a package of Oreo? A mini-pack of Pokémon cards like we saw earlier this year at McDonald's at in cereal boxes. That's my running theory. What do you think?

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