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4 New Pieces of Concept Art from Pacific Rim Uprising

The home release for Pacific Rim Uprising is coming up, and the official Twitter shared a couple pieces of early concept art. The post promises that fans of the series can see other pieces of concept art in the bonus features that will be attached to the upcoming home release of Pacific Rim Uprising. They're […]

Steven S. DeKnight Talks About [SPOILER]'s Death in Pacific Rim: Uprising

Pacific Rim: Uprising came and went without people making that much of a fuss It got lost in the fray with Black Panther and didn't stand much of a chance against the massive Marvel movie juggernaut There was one thing that the did get people talking and that was a character death Director Steven S[...]

Pacific Rim Meets Mobile Suit Gundam in this New Promo Poster

We have another fun new promo poster for the Japanese release of Pacific Rim Uprising. The first promo poster was a crossover between Pacific Rim and the upcoming Godzilla anime. This one is less a crossover and more a homage. On the Pacific Rim Japan site new poster was shared that is a homage to […]

Pacific Rim Uprising and Godzilla Team Up in This Promo Poster

What happens when you have giant robots? You need some giant monsters to go along with it. In the case of Pacific Rim Uprising and the latest Godzilla anime it was time to do some team-up work between the two series. While this isn't exactly the team-up that director Steven S. DeKnight wanted it is […]

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Pacific Rim Uprising Review: Silly, a Little Stupid, but a Ton of Fun

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Pacific Rim Uprising isn't as good as the first one, but it's a fun movie that doesn't take itself too seriously with plenty of giant monsters versus giant robot fun. Director: Steven S. DeKnight Summary: Jake Pentecost, son of Stacker Pentecost, reunites with Mako Mori to lead a new generation of Jaeger pilots, […]

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John Boyega on How to Up the Stakes for Pacific Rim 3, Plus a Reddit AMA

Pacific Rim did okay at the box office, but it didn't amaze anyone. It looks like John Boyega has some pretty high hopes for the sequel, though. At least he has enough faith that he's thinking about the third movie. In an interview with IGN, Boyega was asked what would have to be done to […]

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New Clip from Pacific Rim Uprising Shows Off a Jaeger vs Jaeger Fight

We have a new clip from the upcoming Pacific Rim Uprising. The clip is brought to us by Hype Beast and features Amara (Adria Arjona) and Jake (John Boyega) outrunning a much bigger jaeger called November Ajax. Amara's tiny little one person jaeger is pretty cool looking but also provides a pretty cool comparison. It […]

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Pacific Rim Uprising Gets a New Poster and Trailer That Looks Bonkers

Time for some giant monsters punching some giant robots. AMC has debut a new poster and trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising, and they both look awesome. First, the poster, which has the same art that the previously released posters have — a pretty neat look. A new generation of heroes will rise up in @IMAX […]

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Pacific Rim Uprising: Learn All About Gipsy Avengers Weapons

Pacific Rim Uprising is a little over a month away and fans of the original can't wait to see all of the new jaegers. There have been some little teases here and there but one minute long video and another that focuses on just one of Gipsy Avengers weapons. They, unfortunately, don't have much in […]

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Pacific Rim Uprising Gets 3 Fancy Posters (That We Need Now, Please)

As the release date for Pacific Rim Uprising gets closer and closer, we get little bits of information and sneak peeks all the time. This next one comes in the form of three stunning IMAX exclusive posters featuring three of the new jaegers. Empire Magazine revealed the new posters, and I need all three of […]

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New Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer: "This is Our Time to Make a Difference"

Legendary has released a new official trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising. This one focuses on Jake Pentecost (John Boyega) following in his father's footsteps and his growth as a Jaeger pilot. There is a lot of Jaeger action in this trailer and Jaeger vs Jaeger fighting. We also get a nice, inspirational speech from Pentecost […]

Pacific Rim: Aftermath Cover by Richard Elson

Pacific Rim Aftermath #1 Review: A Gap That Didn't Need Filling

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] In the weeks and months following the events of Pacific Rim, the Jaeger pilots have fallen into obscurity. One, Griffin, is now a drifter who works illegally mining and smuggling the remains of dilapidated Jaegers. Unfortunately, he has some competition working for a familiar face — or what is left of a familiar […]

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It's Jaeger vs. Jaeger in New Pacific Rim Uprising Images

Pacific Rim Uprising is looking to smash onto the scene this spring. While the first movie was anything but a hit, it did make enough money overseas for a sequel that fans have been sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for. The first trailer dropped back in October, but Total Film has got […]

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Pacific Rim Uprising Gets a Second Wave of Figures from Diamond Select

Packaged in display-ready Select action figure packaging with side-panel artwork for shelf reference, these figures were sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios.Product Features7 to 8 inches (17.78cm to 20.32cm) From Pacific Rim: Uprising Each figure features 16 points of articulation and include interchangeable parts Comes in display-ready Select packaging with side-panel artwork Sculpted by Gentle[...]