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All The Cards Are On The Table In Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD
And that even though he's supposed to be dead, Anton wants to killed Agent Phil Coulson. This episode was fun because of the craziness that is Agent Koenigs But it also brought a lot of the LMD story to a head SHIELD knows who is behind the Watchdogs and Nadeer They know about the LMDs in[...]
Radcliffe Revealed On Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD
Phil Coulson has taken back control of SHIELD while leaving Jeffrey Mace as the figure head And of course we learned that Holden Radcliffe is actively seeking the Darkhold And that's where we pick up. It's easier to break this down into sections than trying to look at it linearly The episode starts with Daisy Johnson[...]
Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD – Today, Tomorrow And Beyond
Then the scab was ripped off with the Inhumans and now they've got a guy with a flamming skull, a powered Director, and Phil Coulson has a robotic hand The additional cast members of Jeffrey Mace and Holden Radcliffe along with Robbie Reyes have been a breath of fresh air and as the mid-season finale[...]
Mac Looks Like He's Out For Revenge On Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD returns tonight and we see the fall out from the explosion and it looks like Phil Coulson, Leo Fitz and Robbie Reyes are presumed dead Daisy Johnson tries to console Gabe Reyes over his loss, but no one is paying attention to Alphonso "Mac" Mackenzie… Marvel's Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays at[...]
What Happened To Coulson, Fitz And Reyes On Agents Of SHIELD?
With the last Marvel's Agents of SHIELD ending with a bang thanks to Eli Morrow, the fate of Phil Coulson, Leo Fitz and Robbie Reyes is a bit up in the air Would the series kill off two long run characters and one they just brought in? Probably not But actor Clark Gregg told The[...]
Is Admiral Ackbar The True Hero Of Star Wars? Phil Coulson Thinks So
Director Jeffrey Mace (Jason O'Mara) arrives with a strike team looking for Daisy Johnson (Chloe Bennet) and Robbie Reyes (Gabriel Luna) and ends up in a Star Wars discussion with Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg)… Extra points given for an Admiral Ackbar reference. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesday at 10 PM on ABC. can't be loaded[...]
Rocking The Cell Block… Daisy's Last Stand On Agents Of SHIELD
In this new clip from tonight's Marvel's Agents of SHIELD… Phil Coulson, Melinda May and Daisy Johnson look to be on the run from a whole lot of inmates when they try to get through a mess hall Daisy pushes Coulson out the exit then seals the door… ready to take on a whole lot[...]
Looking At The Stunts In Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD
First up the car chase between Lola and Lucy as Phil Coulson chases after Robbie Reyes Then we switch to the fight between James and Ghost Rider as they burst through a wall and fall into a fireworks shop… Stunt coordinator Tanner Gill takes us through both scenes. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays at 10[...]
Then we'd get back to the Inhumans story. Nope. How does Ghost Rider: Agent of SHIELD sound to you? The most recent episode has Phil Coulson and Alphonso 'Mac' MacKenzie capture Robbie Reyes after a car chase that pitted Lola vs Lucy We also get the Inhuman James (Hellfire) vs Ghost Rider. A few important things happened here[...]
Lola Vs Lucy – The Agents Of SHIELD Epic Car Chase
Yes, Phil Coulson's convertible Corvette finally get into it tonight with Ghost Rider's suped-up Dodge I watched this clip thinking… don't hurt the cars! Marvel's Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays at 10 PM on ABC. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Ghost Rider vs Lola – Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D[...]
Ghost Rider, Darkhold And Agents Of SHIELD
This may be the center of the supernatural aspects of the fourth season. 3 – Phil Coulson and the new director We learn that not only did Coulson turn down the job as director, he urged the President to find a hero to do the job since Captain America has went AWOL after Civil War Turns[...]
Live Action Phil Coulson Vs Comic Book Phil Coulson
Agent Phil Coulson has had a very interesting history in the Marvel Universe He was an amalgamation of a few agents in the first Iron Man film that director Jon Favreau pulled together and cast his friend Clark Gregg The character appeared in Thor and Iron Man 2 before he was then killed in the[...]
Man Do They Love To Change The Status Quo On Agents Of SHIELD
The first season was about building the team and what happened to Phil Coulson Then everything changed and Coulson was now director and trying to rebuild SHIELD from scratch They focused on the crystals and the obelisk plus the remnants of HYDRA Season three changed again to become all about the Inhumans Each season has[...]
Sokovia Accords Affect Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD
In this clip from tonight's Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Glenn Talbot (Adrian Pasdar) is meeting with Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) about the Sokovia Accords and how SHIELD can come in from the cold if they register their Inhumans We can see which side of the civil war Coulson would be on and I think at[...]
Lincoln Get's A New Outfit, A Murder Vest, In Clip From Agents Of SHIELD
Lincoln Campbell wants that more than anyone, but to go on the mission, Phil Coulson insists he wears a vest filled with nanite explosives and the detonator is in the hands of Melinda May Yup, it's a murder vest. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays at 9 PM on ABC. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Clark Gregg and Hayley Atwell Like You've Never Seen Them Before
Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe think of Clark Gregg as the enigmatic Agent Phil Coulson and Hayley Atwell as the amazing Agent Peggy Carter But the two have taken their dubsmash duels over to TNT for a Lip Sync Battle and the clip below shows us just how much each wanted to win[...]
Hydra Attacks Just As Edwin Had Seen
In a new clip for tonight's Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Daisy Johnson, Phil Coulson and the rest of the team arrive on a scene where a distraught Edwin is
Six Important Moments From Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD – The Inside Man
And with that, let's get to the important moments of The Inside Man. 1 – The episode starts with Phil Coulson tracking down Glenn Talbot, the new acting head of the ATCU Talbot is dealing with his wife leaving him as Coulson arrives They are then approached by Carl Creel / the Absorbing Man who they[...]
Six Important Moments From Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD – Bouncing Back
Let's get to the important moments. 1 – Phil Coulson has a meeting with President Ellis inside Rosalind Price's apartment, in front of the spot where she died Ellis is worried about the growing number of Inhumans and unofficially gives Coulson the directive to get the situation under control He can't officially acknowledge S.H.I.E.L.D.'s existence, but[...]
Secret Warriors In Action From Latest Agents Of SHIELD Promo
Oh, and the President seems to be talking to Phil Coulson again. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD returns March 8th on ABC. [youtube][/youtube] During last night's Marvel's Agent Carter we got the first teaser promo for the return of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD In the promo we get to see the Secret Warriors in action along with a[...]
The Six Important Moments From Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD: Maveth
Do you think, maybe deep deep down, on like a completely subconscious level… he enjoyed killing Will? 5 – Why do we love Phil Coulson? Because he dives out of an airplane and through a portal to an alien world, gets knocked out and when he finally comes to and looks around the first thing he[...]
Didn't See That Coming – Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD
Don't piss off Phil Coulson. Next week is the fall-finale and here is the trailer. [youtube][/youtube] Some Spoilers for Marvel's Agents of SHIELD in this article. . . . . Most of the time when I watch TV, I have a good idea what is coming I see the set up tricks writers do because I use them myself[...]
Everything You Need To Know For Season 3 Of Agents Of SHIELD
The cast grew quite a bit in season two giving us a lot of stories to follow as the new season kicks off… how is Phil Coulson dealing with folllowing in Luke Skywalker's footsteps? Now that Skye is Daisy Johnson, how much more is she going to shake up putting her Secret Warriors together? And[...]
Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD Gets A Season 3 Poster
The cast has grown, Skye is now Daisy Johnson / Quake, Phil Coulson is out of his normal suit and going with the one-glove look since his hand got severed Also Mac, Bobbi, Hunter and Luke make the poster this year And we have the tag line: "Are you Inhuman?" And Grant Ward is still in[...]
TV Teasers – American Horror Story: Hotel, Gotham And Agents Of SHIELD
First up is the oddest as we have what almost looks like modern day perfume ad featuring Lady Gaga and the music of Rammstein as a teaser for American Horror Story: Hotel. [youtube][/youtube] Next up the producers at Gotham are going to get full use out of the Rise of the Villains statue that they debuted at[...]