All The Cards Are On The Table In Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD

This article will contain spoilers for Marvel's Agents of SHIELD episode – Hot Potato Soup.







The first think you have to say about the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD is: Yay Patton Oswalt is back! Owalt reprises his roles as Billy Koenig and Sam Koenig as well as introduces us to the black sheep of the family, Thurston Koenig. Thurston is not an agent of SHIELD. But there is one more Koenig… LT Koenig, the original agent and the only girl… played by Artemis Pebdani.

The episode has a lot going on, but we'll start with Holden Radcliffe, the real one, is on a submarine with the head of the Watchdogs and The Superior, Anton Ivanov. They know that Agent Koenig has the Darkhold and kidnap him… Billy… Then Radcliffe uses his technology to search into Billy's mind and find out where the book is. Which takes along than you'd think since the Koenig's kept passing it around amongst them. They put it into a secret location called the Labyrinth.

Meanwhile Sam is working with Coulson, May and Quake to find out what happened to his brother and where the Darkhold is. In an odd moment, Sam let's Daisy know that there is fan fiction on-line about her including slash fiction of her and Black Widow… Once they realize that Sam gave the book to Billy and Billy gave it to LT, Coulson decides to bring all the Koenigs in…. at least I think that was all of them.

And back at the ranch, Mac, Fitz and Simmons are trying to crack the Radcliffe LMD but the programming code is just gibberish. This Radcliffe is subtly playing with Fitz's head, mentioning Fitz's father who doesn't seem very nice. But Fitz figures out that the program was fake and that the LMD has a quantum brain created by Aida after reading the Darkhold. Radcliffe lets slip that she made two brains and Simmons realizes who the other LMD is.

A final showdown happens at the Labyrinth. May and Coulson have an intimate moment and a kiss… just before Sam hands May the Darkhold, triggering her program and thereby revealing herself as an LMD to Coulson. Quake takes her out and then the show down with the Russians and Watchdogs ends with Billy getting the book and running, only to see May on the ground and want to help. She knocks him out, takes the book and gives it to Radcliffe who then leaves her behind to deactivate as her programming had completed.

Back at the base, the Radcliffe and Aida LMDs are burnt, but the May one is left intact until they get their agent back.

On the Submarine, we find out that the Superior wants to do more than just eliminate all of the Inhumans. He also wants to destroy the man who seems to be at the center of all of the things that have happened. And that even though he's supposed to be dead, Anton wants to killed Agent Phil Coulson.

This episode was fun because of the craziness that is Agent Koenigs. But it also brought a lot of the LMD story to a head. SHIELD knows who is behind the Watchdogs and Nadeer. They know about the LMDs in their midst. And Radcliffe has the Darkhold. Seems like this story arc is coming to a head. And we learned that Sam, Eric, Billy and Thurston are quadruplets and once worked on SHIELD's original LMD project. (Which explains why Tony Stark used the LMD term in the Avengers.)

Next week Coulson goes hunting Radcliffe and Mace suits up again.

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