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I'm a Pickle Gift, Morty! The Pickle Rick gift guide

"Rick and Morty": I'm a Pickle Gift, Morty! The Pickle Rick Gift Guide

It's safe to say that Pickle Rick has dominated the pop culture landscape since the Rick and Morty episode aired. The season 3 episode took the internet by storm, and two years later people are still talking about it. The episode even won a Primetime Emmy Award. So naturally, there's a lot of merch out […]

Has DC Comics Just Created Its Very Own Rick And Morty?

Has DC Comics Just Created Its Very Own Rick And Morty?

Today sees the publication of Year Of The Villain: Lex Luthor #1 from Jason Latour and Bryan Hitch, that sees the Apex Lex Luthor travelling the multiverse collecting other Lex Luthors along the way. And one in particular, a young version of Lex Luthor in a Smallville-like environment, with a dead drunk father. Who Apex […]

SDCC 2019 Previews Exclusives TMNT, Batman Damned, Ghostbusters, and More!

SDCC 2019 Previews Exclusives: Deadpool, TMNT, Batman Damned, Ghostbusters, and More!

SDCC 2019 exclusives are starting to be revealed, and first up is Previews World and Diamond Select Toys! They have tons and tons of exclusives this year, including Gallery statues of Captain Marvel, Flash, and Deadpool, other statues of X-23, Batman from Batman: Damned, and a Deadpool head bust. A cool Mikey-as-Batman TMNT figure, a […]

Funko R&M Collage

Funko Announces Another Wave of Rick and Morty Pops, Figures, and More!

Rick and Morty fans will have even more Funko collectibles to add to their collections soon. More keychains, figures, plush, and of course Pops will be in stores in the near future. Let's take a look at everything. First up are four new Rick and Morty Po keychains. Even more Pickle Rick for everyone! Some […]

I'm a Pickle Board Game! We Review The Pickle Rick Game

Ever since Pickle Rick was introduced into the lexicon of Rick and Morty, you had to know a board game was destined for that cash cow. Who knew much much merchandise you could make off of one episode with a total of 12 minutes of content focused on a mad scientist transforming himself into a […]

ThinkGeek SDCC Exclusive Pickle Rick Sleeping Bag

ThinkGeek Brings Rick and Morty, Voltron, DC, Solo, and More to SDCC

ThinkGeek is always one of the best booths at SDCC, and this year looks no different. This years exclusives will include Voltron Lion figures, Rick and Morty Pickle Rick sleeping bags, Star Trek, Jim Lee exclusive DC shirts, Predator and Deadpool figures, and even a Nightmare Before Christmas Tsum Tsum sets. Check them all out […]

Monogram SDCC Exclusive Rick and Morty Keyring Set

Monogram Brings Harry Potter, Marvel, NBX, Naruto, and More to SDCC

Monogram has struck it big in the blind bag market with their various keyrings. For SDCC this year, they are bringing a ton of new and exclusive keyring sets that run the gamut as far as pop culture properties are concerned. Rick and Morty, Harry Potter, Naruto, Lilo and Stitch, Marvel, Gremlins, Nightmare Before Christmas, […]

rick and morty hot topic summer 2018

New Pickle-rific Rick and Morty Merchandise Lands at Hot Topic

Since Pickle Rick made his debut into the pop culture landscape, Rick and Morty fans have been pretty down with the dill. And for good reason — it was a solid, hilarious episode. Hot Topic has been releasing some of the best Rick and Morty merchandise to date, with no end in sight. We apologize […]

Toy Fair New York: Cryptozoic Dazzles With DC, Outlander, Rick and Morty, and More!

Cryptozoic Entertainment has carved a nice little niche for itself in the comics world with their DC Bombshell blind box tins, busts, and deck-building game. More is always better, and they brought everything from more villain mugshot busts, what I am dubbing Calling Card busts of Batman and his rogues hands holding an item they […]

Rick and Morty Fans: Save Your Schmeckles For These New Funko Products

Rick and Morty collectors- I am sorry. Funko has announced a ton of new Rick and Morty products for release in the next couple months. Mystery Minis, plush, pens, action figures…just so much stuff. One plus-there is a ton of Scary Terry, so yay for that. Lets just dive right in. First up is a […]

food truck nycc 2017 pickle rick

Nerd Food: 4 Geeky Themed Snacks From New York Comic Con 2017

Fandomfest rolled into NYCC last weekend with one goal; to provide an excellent time for fans within the Javits Center. They had their own corner of the exhibit hall, where they had a screen printing area, video games, and a food truck. The food truck was arguably the most popular attraction there, as fans had […]

'Rick and Morty': Dan Harmon Reveals His Fave Five And One He'd Burn

So in light of tonight's Season 3 finale of Adult Swim's animated hit series Rick and Morty and with the understanding that it might be quite some time before we see a fourth season, show co-creator Dan Harmon was asked to list his five favorite episodes from the series' run. Interestingly enough, Harmon was easily […]

Funko Pop Tee Pickle Rick

Pickle Rick Funko Pop T-Shirt Coming To NYCC

Pickle Rick!!!!! While the Pop figure will not be out until December, Funko has announced one last surprise exclusive for NYCC. FUnko fans can add a Pickle Rick Pop T-shirt to their collections. SO cool that it comes in a jar! Deadly pickles indeed. The lottery to get into their booth at NYCC closes today […]

'Rick and Morty' Season 3: Let's Thank Walter White For Pickle Rick

In a season filled with superhero Saw re-enactments, immortality fields and toxic counterparts, it says a lot if you're the one thing people remember the most from Season 3 of Adult Swim's Rick and Morty. Pickle Rick would be that "one thing." We got our first look at Pickle Rick in the preview trailer for […]

Pickle Rick Funko Pop With Laser

Pickle Rick Funko Pops Are Coming In December, Just In Time For Christmas

Pickle Rick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pickle Rick Funko Pops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "I'm Pickle Rick!"  You heard it, Pickle Rick is coming to Pop! vinyl. Now featuring two variations of the genius scientist in pickle form! Pickle Rick and Pickle Rick with Laser. Really what else is there to say? They look perfect, neither are exclusives, and they will be everywhere. […]