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EA Fired Plants Vs. Zombies Creator For Objecting To The Pay-To-Win Dynamic
It was his baby." EA subsequently took control of Plants vs Zombies after it acquired PopCap in 2011 However, McMillen alleges that when EA that proposed the sequel, Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time, have a pay-to-win model that supported in-app purchases, Fan resisted. "He's like "I dunno, that's not really a good idea and I don't want[...]
Plants Vs Zombies Mini-Comics Go Mainstream With Dark Horse
Seen in the wild, the Plants Vs Zombies mini-comics bags from Dark Horse, including Paul Tobin's comics for the publisher based on the popular game, as well as posters, stickers, tattoos and trading cards with codes for more comics or the digital variety And sold in mass market venues. And this is how they'll look when[...]
Sweet Release! Skullgirls Encore, Battle Fantasia, Yatagarasu, July's Free Games
 It's got a real Neo Geo vibe, which is always a selling point for me!  Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm released Tuesday on PC. If you subscribe to any of the premium services a new month means new games. PlayStation Plus subscribers get the brand new mash up of soccer and racing in Rocket League and medieval goblin themed stealth[...]
In One Week, In Two Weeks – We're All Doomed
On Wednesday, the launch of Plants Vs Zombies, Black Canary, Doomed, Harley Quinn & Power Girl, Dr Fate, Justice League Of America, Prez, Martian Manhunter, Robin Son Of Batman, TMNT Casey & April, Astronauts In Trouble, Empty Zone, Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill, Runaways, Squadron Sinister, Thors, Princeless: Be Yourself, Fathom Blue, Fiction and[...]
A New Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Is Coming Next Year
As pointed out by VideoGamer, a job advertisement for an Associate Interface Designer makes reference to the game saying: Popcap HD is looking for a talented Interface Designer to help bring the UI of a new Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare game to life. EA announced that a new Plants vs Zombies game was coming to console[...]
Dark Horse Brings Plants Vs. Zombie To SDCC Preview Night
Zombies #1! PLANTS VS ZOMBIES: LAWNMAGEDDON DIGITAL POSTING DATES Chapters 1–2 are on sale tonight, July 17 (SDCC PREVIEW NIGHT) Chapter 3 goes on sale July 24 Chapter 4 goes on sale July 31 Chapter 5 goes on sale August 7 Chapter 6 goes on sale August 14 The Plants vs Zombies: Lawnmageddon hardcover collection is on sale in comic shops November[...]