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A Wild Snorlax Appears! New Pokemon Sun And Moon Content Revealed
By evolving Munchlax into Snorlax and having it hold the Snorlium Z, Snorlax becomes able to use a special Z-Move—Pulverizing Pancake." To hold you over until then, be sure to keep up with the Pokemon 20th Anniversary tradition of legendary Pokemon being released This month is Victini and you can get yours over the Nintendo Network[...]
#Pokemon20 Going Strong…
However, because of the Pokemon 20th Anniversary celebration, I find myself paying attention to said fans much more I also find myself reliving my childhood and becoming one again Don't believe me…well, the hashtag #Pokemon20 is super active on Twitter Constantly being updated with nostalgia, gaming news, and random gifs…if you're a fan of Pokemon, you[...]
What's Your Pokemon Type? #Pokemon20 Wants To know!
The Pokemon 20th Anniversary celebration continues! This time it's a quiz Ever wondered what your Pokemon type is? Now you can find out! What's your Pokémon type? Take our quiz to find out, and share your results with #Pokemon20! https://t.co/2loI8Ybz7S pic.twitter.com/1zpxri66Vz — Pokémon (@Pokemon) April 5, 2016 I was just as curious as anyone, so I decided to[...]