The Mythical Pokemon Gifts Continue In Honor Of Pokemon 20th Anniversary

There have been all kinds of special things releasing for Pokemon's 20th Anniversary, but none have been so valuable as the Mythical Pokemon gifts that release over the Nintendo Network. Each month they will be releasing a new Pokemon in some form. Sometimes you'll have to visit a local Game Stop to grab yours, but this month, it's just a matter of a wi-fi connection.

So, who is it?

Jirachi! There have been some interesting Twitter reactions from the release, but none made me laugh quite as much as this one…

Quite the long wait!

I've played Pokemon on and off for years, but most recently I picked up Alpha Sapphire. Granted, I was way behind on it's release in 2014, but better late than never. Months later after my purchase, I'm still playing the game. There's so much in one game, and you really get your moneys worth. Besides, the utilization of Pokemon Bank is totally worth it because you can bring your favorites over to the current game.

Looking forward, I can't wait for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

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