What's Your Pokemon Type? #Pokemon20 Wants To know!

The Pokemon 20th Anniversary celebration continues! This time it's a quiz. Ever wondered what your Pokemon type is? Now you can find out!

I was just as curious as anyone, so I decided to take the quiz myself. I was surprised at how detailed the questions were, and laughed pretty hard at the Zubat question. (All of the above should have been an option.) My results…

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 5.12.53 PM

So you might think this is some light news, but in the spirit of Pokemon's 20th Anniversary it certainly continues the celebration and allows fans to have different experiences. There are a lot of other "fun" things in this section of the Pokemon website including some wallpapers. Did you know you could be a featured trainer? Find out more information regarding that and more here.

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