"I Choose You!" Pokemon Takes Over Geek Fuel Next Month

I'm not going to lie…I was so happy when I checked my email and saw the subject line "Don't Faint! Geek Fuel Has Pokemon this June!" Well, thank you for the warning.


This is a great theme to start your new subscription, perhaps for a kid in your life that loves the game or a boyfriend that can't kick his addiction.


Here's what Geek Fuel has to say:

This June will have you saying "Geek Fuel, I choose you!" Sign up for Geek Fuel this month and get a Pokémon product that you'll love more than Nurse Joy! Keep an eye out for Team Rocket though, because this item is only available in June!

I'm most excited for the exclusive t-shirt with this one. I'll have my fingers crossed for a t-shirt with all of the Eevee evolutions on it. Grab yours here.


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