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New GameStop "Pokemon" Event Hands Out Shiny Solgaleo and Lunala
Solgaleo and Lunala will be available for both Pokemon Sun and Moon and Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon games. Nabbing your Pokemon is simple when you have the code When you get it, go to the main menu of the Pokemon game you plan on using it is, and then choose Mystery Gift When you enter[...]
Pokemon Sun And Moon Have Been Bought Just Shy Of 15 Million Times Already
Pokemon Sun and Moon really did feel like a rejuvenation of the series to me While still a classic Pokemon game, it was probably the most radical of its kind to date Taking away gyms, bringing the game to a new culture and more made the game feel special. It also seems to have really resonated[...]
Pokemon Sun And Moon Finally Gets PokeBank Support
One thing that has been missing from Pokemon Sun and Moon since launch is the ability to trade in 'Mons from the old games I was a little disappointed I wouldn't be able to get my ol' pal Scyther from Y in with the new batch of Pokemon when I picked up Sun. However, as of today,[...]
Pokemon Sun And Moon Is The Biggest Nintendo Launch Ever In The UK
Some people may have thought, 20 years after its launch, Pokemon might only be apealing to a hand full of old fans and kids, Well, you'd be wrong, as it appears the series only gets stronger and stronger. According to Eurogamer, the launch sales of Pokemon Sun and Moon last week were the biggest of any[...]
Pokemon Sun And Moon Gets A New Trailer Showing Off Some Rather Odd Pokemon
Pokemon Sun and Moon have been filling out their rosters fairly regularily, with lots of new bizarre creations and variants of original Pokemon revealed. And we just got a bunch more, and I'll tell you what This might be the most bizarre set yet From the oddly named Type: Null to a rather hefty looking Raticate,[...]
Is It November 18th Yet? New Pokemon Teaser Reveals Team Skull
The countdown is really on now as the anticipation builds for Pokemon Sun and Moon! Today brings the release of a new trailer chock full of new Pokemon and a new rival team called "Team Skull." Meet Team Skull and discover more Pokémon set to appear in #PokemonSunMoon! https://t.co/rOpjSEg9NEhttps://t.co/G7LvZnbtqz — Pokémon (@Pokemon) August 11, 2016 These aloha forms of[...]
New Pokemon For Pokemon Sun And Moon Revealed
Even though we're mid-summer, we're slowly approaching the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon With that comes fun announcements, like a set of new Pokemon for us to critique and be curious about… More newly discovered Pokémon are coming to #PokemonSunMoon! https://t.co/rOpjSEg9NEhttps://t.co/MQlr8cCbHu — Pokémon (@Pokemon) July 19, 2016 I feel a little deflated for the most part about[...]