Pokemon Sun and Moon

Viz Media Releases May 2020 Manga Solicitations

Viz Media Releases May 2020 Manga Solicitations

Viz Media released their solicitations for manga coming out in May. It's a big list as ever, so get those preorders in. Shonen Jump JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 4–Diamond Is Unbreakable, Vol. 5 By Hirohiko Araki Yoshikage Kira's true identity is revealed! The serial killer lurks around Morioh, killing as he pleases and enjoying a […]

New GameStop "Pokemon" Event Hands Out Shiny Solgaleo and Lunala

New GameStop "Pokemon" Event Hands Out Shiny Solgaleo and Lunala

Solgaleo and Lunala will be available for both Pokemon Sun and Moon and Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon games.Nabbing your Pokemon is simple when you have the code When you get it, go to the main menu of the Pokemon game you plan on using it is, and then choose Mystery Gift When you enter[...]

Pokémon Sun and Moon Add Entei and Raikou as Free Legendaries

A couple new additions were thrown into the mix for Pokémon Sun and Moon as you now have two new options for free legendary creatures to catch in the form of Entei and Raikou. We have the intro video for you below with devs talking about both additions, as well as their abilities gained at the regular […]

Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon Catches You Up With An Overview Trailer

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon arrived last week, giving players an 'alternate' take on the original Sun and Moon. This brings a nice new Pokemon addition to the family just in time for the holidays. However, before you jump in, why not get an official rundown of what to expect once inside the […]

Team Rocket Return In Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon

Meowth, that's right! In some ways, Pokémon just isn't the same without Team Rocket. A fixture of both the original game and main antagonists of the cartoon series, the evil organization of people who all dress the same with a red letter R on their shirts trying to take over all the Pokémon on the planet has […]

'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Finally Gives Us Some Details On Marshadow

The official Pokémon website finally gave us some details on their latest addition to Pokémon Sun and Moon, Marshadow. There's no official date yet as to when the new legendary creature will start appearing, but they were more than happy to give us some backstory and status on it before it arrives. "Known as the Gloomdweller […]

A New Patch Just Repaired Several Glitches To 'Pokémon Sun and Moon'

Those of you having issues with Pokémon Sun and Moon will be happy to see that Nintendo just released a brand new patch, fixing some lingering issues that have been around from the start and a couple other nagging problems from the last update. You have to download the patch in order to participate in online […]

Pokemon Sun And Moon Have Been Bought Just Shy Of 15 Million Times Already

Pokemon Sun and Moon really did feel like a rejuvenation of the series to me While still a classic Pokemon game, it was probably the most radical of its kind to date Taking away gyms, bringing the game to a new culture and more made the game feel special.It also seems to have really resonated[...]

Pokemon Sun And Moon Finally Gets PokeBank Support

One thing that has been missing from Pokemon Sun and Moon since launch is the ability to trade in 'Mons from the old games I was a little disappointed I wouldn't be able to get my ol' pal Scyther from Y in with the new batch of Pokemon when I picked up Sun.However, as of today,[...]

Pokemon Sun And Moon Is The Biggest Nintendo Launch Ever In The UK

Some people may have thought, 20 years after its launch, Pokemon might only be apealing to a hand full of old fans and kids, Well, you'd be wrong, as it appears the series only gets stronger and stronger.According to Eurogamer, the launch sales of Pokemon Sun and Moon last week were the biggest of any[...]

Fan Made Advert Gets To The Heart Of Why Pokemon Is Still Relevant

This is really cute and lovely. If you have ever loved Pokemon, this fan made advert for the series should bring a smile to your face. John Wikstrom has gone out of his way to produce a really lovely advert for the series that really gets to the core of why so many now-adults still gravitate to […]

Pokemon Sun And Moon Starters Get Their Evolution In New Video

There has been a lot of debate online about which of the Pokemon starters are the best for Sun and Moon. Rowlet, Popillo and Litten all have their defenders and the forum battles have been fierce. Well, here is a new domino in that argument as the starter's second evolutions have been revealed in a […]

Pokemon Sun And Moon Gets A New Trailer Showing Off Some Rather Odd Pokemon

Pokemon Sun and Moon have been filling out their rosters fairly regularily, with lots of new bizarre creations and variants of original Pokemon revealed.And we just got a bunch more, and I'll tell you what This might be the most bizarre set yet From the oddly named Type: Null to a rather hefty looking Raticate,[...]

Is It November 18th Yet? New Pokemon Teaser Reveals Team Skull

The countdown is really on now as the anticipation builds for Pokemon Sun and Moon! Today brings the release of a new trailer chock full of new Pokemon and a new rival team called "Team Skull."[embed]https://twitter.com/Pokemon/status/763722586379333633[/embed]These aloha forms of classic Pokemon are bringing a huge smile to my face[...]

New Pokemon For Pokemon Sun And Moon Revealed

Even though we're mid-summer, we're slowly approaching the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon With that comes fun announcements, like a set of new Pokemon for us to critique and be curious about...[embed]https://twitter.com/Pokemon/status/755387354441842690[/embed]I feel a little deflated for the most part about this set of Pokemon The only one that really interests me is Mimikyu,[...]

Twitter Reacts To Pokemon Sun & Moon News And Starters

We got a nice dose of Pokemon news today, and Bleeding Cool shared the trailer that had Twitter alive and chatting! Some people were thrilled… Other people were not… …but overall, the reaction was big, and will surely be alive and kicking for days to come! Excitement, fan art, gifs, and more! It was great to get such a nice chunk […]