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But in today's X-Men #1, with Cyclops talking to Magneto's actual daughter Polaris, there seems a moment of levity. Too Soon For Jokes About Scarlet Witch, Cyclops (X-Men #1 Spoilers) A joke about killing the Scarlet Witch? To the daughter of someone who may be the prime suspect, with The Trial Of Magneto on its way? I'm[...]
It's Official - Polaris Has Won The X-Men Vote
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Daily LITG: – the ten most-read stories yesterday… Polaris Comes First – The Daily LITG, 15th April 2021 The world keeps turning, and America is beginning to heal from all the burns Even if a few scabs need pulling off first. It's Official – Polaris Has Won The[...]
It's All Over! Polaris Wins The X-Men Vote, Tempo and Boom Boom Are Out
And that's it! Marvel has released the final tally and, as expected, Polaris has to be the winner of the public vote to be the new member of the X-Men, launching in the new X-Men #1 series by Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz in July, and following the Hellfire Gala. It's Over! Polaris Wins The X-Men Vote,[...]
Polaris Takes The Lead In X-Men Vote
The first votes are in and according to Marvel, Polaris is way ahead as favourite for the final member of the new X-Men team, as voted on by Marvel fans (and first revealed on Bleeding Cool) Although I understand that an Irish comic shop has been doing a fine job of getting the vote out[...]
X-Men: Blue #28 cover by R. B. Silva and Rain Beredo
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Polaris' X-Men are at the mercy of Miss Sinister, the White Queen, and Havoc These villains are on the cusp of unleashing Mothervine, the mutagen in Jimmy Howlett's blood that can turn people the world over into mutants The weapon has already landed in some regions, and Magneto is doing what he can to[...]
X-Men Blue #24 cover by Jorge Molina
Unfortunately, Malice infiltrates the Madripoor mansion through the body of Polaris. Finally, Briar Raleigh seeks out new X-Men with Magneto's team having gone missing. X-Men: Blue #24 cover by Jorge Molina I didn't expect to return to this one anytime soon, but the Jorge Molina cover with Magneto and Havok drew me in like a true sucker. Thankfully, X-Men:[...]
the gifted
Polaris learns more about her past and makes a crucial decision that could have impactful consequences Meanwhile, the Mutant HQ comes under attack and, with everything to lose, relationships are put to the test and alliances shift https://youtu.be/TSvX-azZmG4Video can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Comic-Con 2017 Official Trailer: The Gifted | THE GIFTED (https://youtu.be/TSvX-azZmG4) Family adventure[...]
According to EW.com, when the show returns, Polaris (Emma Dumont) will be experiencing some interesting side effects from her pregnancy Those side effects will include some visual homages to what they refer as a "signature flourish" from legendary X-Men artist Jack Kirby Unless I miss my guess, that would be what most people refer to[...]
X-Men: Blue #16 cover by Arthur Adams and Ian Herring
Angel and Polaris help Jimmy Hudson train Jean Grey spends time with Beast while he tinkers with his toys This is all interrupted when Magneto is hit with a psychic attack, and he contacts Jean Time is beginning to collapse around these time-displaced X-Men, and the reckoning has come. X-Men: Blue #16 cover by Arthur Adams[...]
Brian Michael Bendis batman
Now that the second-longest continuous writer at Marvel Comics, Brian Michael Bendis, has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics, everything he ever said anywhere on the internet about DC Comics is up for discussion. Including this great post on his Tumblr from earlier in the year, when asked about the comparative fighting abilities of Batman and[...]
X-Men: Blue #14 cover by Arthur Adams and Peter Steigerwald
Inside his arenas, more and more X-Men are being picked off as one team fights the recreations of the Avengers and the other battles amalgams of their worst threats. Magneto, Polaris, and Danger finally enter the fray, but Mojo already has a simulation lined up for these three. Luckily, Longshot may have finally found a way to[...]
'X-Men: Blue' #12 Review: Goblin Queen's Gambit
Pick it up. I do hope we get more of Magneto and Polaris in the future, though. [rwp-review-ratings id="0"] [rwp-review-form id="0"] [rwp-review-recap id="0"] X-Men: Blue #12 cover by Arthur Adams and Peter Steigerwald Bloodstorm begins to have a change of heart as the Goblin Queen's plan comes near its completion She sees the suffering it will bring and the reluctance[...]