X-Men Blue #31 Review: The Rage and Anguish of Magneto

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We are witness to what young Jean Grey saw when she peered into Magneto's head before her team joined up with Eric Lensherr. In the present, Magneto is on a warpath. He is tearing through every chapter of the Hellfire Club until he finds the White Queen, Emma Frost. Jean Grey and the X-Men know that he must be stopped, and they go to Briar Raleigh to get a location. Thankfully, she can provide the help they need.

X-Men: Blue #31 cover by R.B. Silva and Rain Beredo
X-Men Blue #31 cover by R.B. Silva and Rain Beredo

This is the kind of story I've been craving since the beginning of X-Men Blue: Magneto on a rampage and bringing arguably righteous yet brutal justice to the wicked of the world. Emma Frost is a good target for that justice at this point.

Admittedly, I knew Blue was going to be more about the young original X-Men team, but this is practically Christmas for me as far as X-Men stories ago. I've made this apparent before, but I love Magneto.

Having the young X-Men follow in the wake of Eric's destruction creates a nice tension, as they have been helping Eric these past few months. However, they knew this may happen eventually, and they didn't stop it from the start.

Eric's grievance with Emma is compelling too, as she created the Mothervine mutates which Eric had to kill in self-defense. Plus, he now feels abandoned by his team and like he has nothing left to lose.

X-Men: Blue #31 art by Jorge Molina and Matt Milla
X-Men Blue #31 art by Jorge Molina and Matt Milla

Jorge Molina does excellent work here. There are many great scenes of Magneto busting into rooms and floating menacingly. Molina knows how to construct an imposing Master of Magnetism and devastating fallout from his attacks. The entire comic looks great too, as Molina's style looks good while fitting the book well. Matt Milla supports him with very atmospheric color work that capitalizes on the menacing air of Magneto.

X-Men Blue #31 tells a compelling story while building up for a big blowout in these last few issues of the title. Magneto gets to take center stage, and I will always be happy to see that (provided the story is good, which this one is). Mix that with some great work from Molina and Milla, and you have an X-Men book worth reading. Check it out.

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