'X-Men: Blue' #12 Review: Goblin Queen's Gambit

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Cover from X-Men: Blue #12 by Arthur Adams and Peter Steigerwald
X-Men: Blue #12 cover by Arthur Adams and Peter Steigerwald

Bloodstorm begins to have a change of heart as the Goblin Queen's plan comes near its completion. She sees the suffering it will bring and the reluctance of Beast, and she may yet aid the side of the angels. Will it be enough, though? Can she hold out until Cyclops and Jean Grey return with the Raksha?

Meanwhile, Angel and Jimmy Hudson have come across the Blob in Miss Sinister's workshop. He's as aggressive as ever, but there is something different about Fred Dukes this time.

That being said, this was another exciting issue of X-Men: Blue. I like the idea of this team becoming something of a haven for dimensionally displaced mutants like Bloodstorm and Jimmy Hudson. It's something of a different X-Men team, and I hope we get to see more recruits like this in future.

The Blob battle turns shockingly morbid pretty quickly. I won't say exactly what happens, but I will warn you it's not for those with a weak stomach.

This turn for the Beast will surely have long-lasting complications of this team of X-Men, and I look forward to seeing how those play out. In the meantime, the team is extremely forgiving of young Hank McCoy considering what he almost did to them.

Interior art from X-Men: Blue #12 by Douglas Franchin, Guru-eFX, and Matt Yackey
X-Men: Blue #12 art by Douglas Franchin, Guru-eFX, and Matt Yackey

Douglas Franchin's artwork is damn good, and he's very skilled at drawing faces. Bloodstorm in particular is very distinct, and he makes demonic Beast look really cool. It also comes into play when the Blob fight turns macabre, and Franchin makes a stomach-churning mess out of the scene. The color work of Guru-eFX and Matt Yackey is rock solid too.

Bunn, Franchin, and company hammer out another solid issue of X-Men: Blue with #12. This is a fun and fast-paced issue, and it's a worthwhile read for X-fans. Pick it up.

I do hope we get more of Magneto and Polaris in the future, though.

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