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And this comic is all about the power and symbology of chains. Justice League #75 Over in Detective Comics #1058, well if you are going to have a Dark Crisis – or any sort of Crisis – there is a key player to keep in hand. Detective Comics #1058 Escaped from Arkham Tower, with many players wanting his crowd-manipulating[...]
A New Psycho-Pirate For DC Comics? (Detective Comics #1057 Spoilers)
And give you a whole new perspective on the world. Which also ties into the new reality seen in Infinite Frontier #0 and Earth Omega, a place that is somewhere else and seemingly redefining reality. And may explain Psycho Pirate's new look in Infinite Frontier, WhilePsycho-Pirate's old Medusa mask was useful for reacting to the Watchmen smiley button,[...]
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However a flash-forward shows that it ends in an armed siege featuring some of the patients who had seemed to have been most successfully treated. Detective Comics #1051 Detective Comics #1050 revealed that Psycho Pirate was a patient in the new Arkham Tower And now Detective Comics #1051 reveals the two may not be entirely unconnected The[...]
Spoiler: Psycho Pirate's Reality Gets Bigger In Infinite Frontier
With the Psycho Pirate looking like his classic form.   The Psycho-Pirate was a gangster who gained the powers to manipulate emotions But as a result of the Crisis On Infinite Earths, was one of the few to remember what had happened to reality, sending him mad and, courtesy of Grant Morrison and Chas Troug's Animal Man,[...]
Arrowverse "Elseworlds" Recap: The Road to 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' Starts Now!
Some final wrapup scenes reveal that Lois is pregnant, so she and Clark will be going back to Argo for the forseeable future, leaving Earth-38 in Supergirl's very-capable hands. And then there's that matter of Oliver's "balancing" deal with The Monitor… Best parts of the crossover: "Doctor, can I have a word?" makes it 3-for-3 awesome Superman references in each[...]