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Chip Zdarsky, Latest Substack Comics Publisher With Public Domain
And, as Bleeding Cool tried to do when reporting these stories, we put the money up top. MONTHLY LEVEL—US$7/month: You get all the posts! Full of comics and fun and videos and big zoomz and all that jazz! ANNUAL LEVEL—US$70/year: All of the above plus signing and variant opportunities! CHIPNUTS LEVEL—US$250/year: You're a CHIPNUT! You get everything! All of the[...]
Expect A Tonne Of 1984 and Animal Farm Comics For 2021
This means on the 1st of January 2021, his written work goes into the USA's public domain, which means that the big studios will mass to create movies, TV shows, comic books, games, and action figure lines for The Road to Wigan Pier Okay, maybe not that one (though I see a BBC docudrama any[...]
Dave Sim Could Create And Publish James Bond Comics If He Wanted
On January the 1st, the character of James Bond entered public domain in Canada Which mean, if anyone so wishes, they could create James Bond comic books, legally, ahead of Dynamite's licensed James Bond comic books later this year. You wouldn't be able to distribute them for sale overseas, to the US or the UK for[...]