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Artists Named for Marvel Comics' Incoming #1 Anthology

Artists Named for Marvel Comics' Incoming #1 Anthology

The upcoming Incoming #1 from Marvel comics was solicited with a brace of writers, Al Ewing. Dan Slott, Chip Zdarsky, Kelly Thompson, Greg Pak, Eve L. Ewing, Matt Rosenberg, Ed Brisson, Saladin Ahmed, Tini Howard, Jonathan Hickman, Greg Pak, Donny Cates & Jason Aaron. But only a mention of Jim Cheung and Humberto Ramos as […]

House Of X/Powers Of X Hardcover Jumps a Hundred Pages and Another Ten Bucks

House Of X/Powers Of X Hardcover Jumps a Hundred Pages and Another Ten Bucks

The House Of X/Powers Of X collected hardcover lined up for Christmas may be slightly heavier on the wallet than expected. But also heavier in the hands. Collecting House Of X #1-6 and Powers Of X #1-6, the series by Jonathan Hickman, Pepe Larraz and R.B. Silva, Pepe Larraz and R.B. Silva has been a critical and commercial hit. […]

Marvel Reveals Designs for 7 New Mutants for Powers of X, X-Men Relaunch

Marvel Reveals Designs for 6 New Characters for Powers of X, X-Men Relaunch

As Jonathan Hickman's relaunch of the X-Men draws ever closer, Marvel has revealed six new character design sheets by artist R.B. Silva for new mutants debuting in July's Powers of X #1. We've seen some of these characters in preview art, but this redacted art makes clear that these are all new characters making their […]

Yet Another Look Inside House of X and Power of X

Yet Another Look Inside House of X and Powers of X

Last week, we got to see some of the artwork for Jonathan Hickman's upcoming X-Men relaunch, from Powers of X by R.B. Silva and House of X by Pepe Larraz. Hickman gave another interview Wednesday to Comic Book Resources, and that came along with some new pages for the upcoming mini-series that will kick off […]

Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #3 cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Robert Poggi, and Dean White

Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #3 Review – Mister Sinister Screams a Lot

We see Wolverine and Iron Man's conversation in the fallout of the Tribeca bomb detonation. Logan knows a secret of Tony's, and he's willing to keep it in their agreement. Back in the present, Mister Sinister is on a rampage through the submarine. Spider-Man, Wolverine (Laura Kinney), and Jessica Jones must keep him contained while […]

Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #2 cover by Greg Land and Rain Beredo

Hunt for Wolverine: The Adamantium Agenda #2 Review – Fun but Inconsequential

We see more of that previous New Avengers mission before returning to the present. In said present, the black market the infiltrated by the reunited New Avengers is selling the genetic material of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones's daughter, Danielle. Tony Stark quickly buys it up, but the overall excursion appears to be a dead […]

Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #1 cover by Greg Land, Jay Leisten, and Marte Gracia

Hunt for Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #1 Review – A Mission for a Friend

We are given a flashback with Wolverine, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones, Iron Man, and Luke Cage during their New Avengers years. In the present, Iron Man, Luke, Spidey, and Jessica reunite to look for the now-missing body of Wolverine. Tony Stark knows of genetic material belonging to a hero that is going on sale on the […]

X-Men: Bland Design – X-pository Dialogue Abounds in X-Men Blue #19

Welcome back to X-Men: Bland Design, the column where we rip off Ed Piskor's X-Men: Grand Design, except instead of recapping the good old issues of X-Men, we'll recap the new ones that come out each week. This week, there are six X-issues on the stands, if you count The Despicable Deadpool as an X-book, […]

x-men blue jubilee

Well, Does Anyone Like the 'Jubilee is a Vampire' Idea?

Today's X-Men Blue #18 from Marvel Comics by Cullen Bunn, R B Silva, Adriano Di Benedetto, Rain Beredo, and Joe Caramagna has what may be the singularly best line in all of today's comics for me. I read it, and I about laughed out loud. And not because of the idea of the audience knowing […]

X-Men: Blue #17 cover by Arthur Adams and Peter Steigerwald

X-Men: Blue #17 Review: The Return of X-Men 2099

The X-Men have been brought to the year 2099 by Magneto's time machine. There, they meet their future counterparts: X-Men 2099. They also find a dystopia brought about by the corporation Alchemax. The strangest thing is that our X-Men apparently took over the company some years back and made it the de facto government before […]

Marvel Ch-Ch-Changes: Unworthy Thor #3, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #14

Sorry about that, folks. Something about working at Bleeding Cool seems to bring about a stutter whenever we say the word ch-ch-changes. We've got Britain's top medical professionals working on it, but you know, socialized medicine and all that, we probably won't have an answer until sometime in 2019. Anyway, Bleeding Cool informed you last week […]