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"Rage 2" Just Got A New Update With More Content And Cheats
Bethesda Softworks released a brand new content update to Rage 2 yesterday, bringing about a bunch of new content and cheats to boot Among the additions are an Ultra Nightmare difficulty, Twitch Bounties, Ironman Mode, and New Gam+ You can read more about it below, and you can get a list of all the cheats[...]
Bethesda Fakes Out Rage 2 Fans with Andrew W.K.
He then transitioned into gently mocking Walmart Canada for revealing Rage 2 early, and hinted at giving us a new trailer for the game. And as the lights went down and the Rage 2 logo went up, Andrew W.K took the stage because he has become the official voice of Rage Then we got some developer chat about the[...]
id Software Promises Rage 2 Will Not Have Loot Boxes
credit//Bethesda Bethesda has kept their games well away from the loot box controversy, and it appears as if that trend will continue with Rage 2. Speaking with game publication GameStar (via USGamer), id Software promised to keep Rage 2 free of loot boxes However, the game will have live service features id Software studio director Tim Willits said the developer[...]
Rage 2 got a Release Date and Lengthy Gameplay Highlight Trailer
credit//Bethesda Today, Bethesda Softwors revealed that the newly announced Rage 2 will be released in Spring 2019, and will be a fully open-world "shooterverse." That is, the Rage 2 is more than a shooter, more than an open world game The game will cover a variety of post-apocalyptic terrain including jungles, swamps, and sun-scorched deserts. The sequel follows the original[...]
Bethesda Releases Rage 2 Teaser Trailer for Actual Gameplay Trailer
To absolutely no one's surprise, we finally got a teaser trailer for Rage 2 from Bethesda Softworks this morning The one catch to this entire thing that will probably annoy some people is that this is basically just a teaser for another teaser. The trailer itself is basically greenscreen heaven as people from what looks like the[...]
Yes, for the 100th Time, Rage 2 is Getting an Announcement Tomorrow
Ever since the Canadian Walmart website dropped the notice that Rage 2 was on the way, it has sparked what can only be described as a professional meme machine from Bethesda Softworks to make fun of it, while also promoting the game at the same time At a certain level, it's a genius way of[...]
Bethesda Teases Rage 2 Even Harder Now That Word is Out
After the Walmart Canada website leaked the news that Rage 2 was coming out, Bethesda really didn't have many options left other than to basically admit the entire thing — which they kind of did in a tweet that we talked about yesterday So now that the cat's out of the bag, you've got one[...]
Rumor: Did Bethesda Confirm Rage 2 by Mocking Walmart Listing?
The official RAGE twitter account mocked Walmart in a couple of tweets by critiquing the listings' lack of key art, age rating, and font, which was then followed up with tweets from the official Bethesda account as well as Bethesda Marketing SVP Pete Hines. You can check out the tweets below so we're all on the same[...]
Comic Books – Immigrants Are Welcome Here
I've already pointed out two of DC's Trinity, a vast section of X-Men, but also, the Avengers are not without their immigrants. Art by Greg Land Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Nova, Black Widow, Rage, Black Panther, Hercules – heroes often from global backgrounds coming together to fight for what is right, and accepted in most cases by the[...]