Relics and Rarities

Deborah Ann Woll Reveals Career Woes Post Daredevil Co-Stars Respond

Deborah Ann Woll Reveals Career Woes Post Daredevil; Co-Stars Respond

So even before COVID kind of flipped the world on its head, I was struggling with this.” She briefly hosted a Dungeons & Dragons-related series called Relics and Rarities for Geek and Sundry Each episode featured a who’s who of geeks entrenched into the tabletop world A couple of her guests included Cox and actor[...]

Relics And Rarities Shows Off Special Guests Before Debut

'Relics And Rarities' Shows Off Special Guests Before Debut

Before Geek & Sundry kick off the debut episode of Relics And Rarities, we got a new trailer showing off the guests who will be popping in The show is hosted by Deborah Ann Woll (Daredevil, True Blood) and will feature series regulars including Tommy Walker (Daredevil, Henry Danger), Julia Dennis (Lofty Dreams, What Would You Do), Jasmine Bhullar (Starter Kit: Vampire[...]

Deborah Ann Woll D&#038D Series Relics and Rarities Premieres Tonight

Deborah Ann Woll D&D Series 'Relics and Rarities' Premieres Tonight

We'd told you previously about the awesome-sounding Dungeons & Dragons show coming to ALPHA from True Blood and Marvel's Daredevil star Deborah Ann Woll, Geek & Sundry's Relics and Rarities, which finally premieres tonight exclusively on Alpha and on Nerdist.There was an announcement posted by Alpha, where the series will premiere, revealing some additional guest stars for the series like Charlie Cox, Janina[...]

Relics and Rarities with Dungeon Master Deborah Ann Woll

'Relics and Rarities' with Dungeon Master Deborah Ann Woll

Welcome to Bellbrook, a sleepy town that will serve as the setting for a new weekly series from Legendary's streaming service Alpha called Relics and Rarities Oh, did we mention it'll center around Dungeons & Dragons?[caption id="attachment_958072" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Actress Deborah Ann WollPhoto by Featureflash Photo Agency /[/caption] Set in a world that True Blood,[...]