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Speculator Corner: Reptil and Marvel's Voices: Comunidades (Spoilers)
That is Eva from the comic book Reptil, who first appeared in Reptil #1 as Humberto Lopez's cousin. Reptil #1 Although she doesn't share her cousin's dinosaur-transforming skills, she does have a power set all of her own, that came into play quite visibly, if unexpectedly in that first issue earlier in the year. Reptil #1 Saving her cousin[...]
Cover image for REPTIL #3 (OF 4)
Reptil #3 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, as Reptil and his crew take the offensive against Megalith… by breaking into his office and stealing his jewelry? Well, if it works, it works And based on the preview below, it looks like it does. REPTIL #3 (OF 4) MARVEL COMICS MAY210652 MAY210653 – REPTIL #3 (OF 4)[...]
Cover image for REPTIL #1 (OF 4)
Reptil #1 is in stores from Marvel Comics on Wednesday, kicking off a new four-issue mini-series starring the titular teen hero Reptil is trying to get out of the superhero business, but as he quickly learns in this preview, that's easier said than done Of course, that's probably a good thing, as there wouldn't be[...]
Bleeding Cool previously reported that copies of Avengers: The Initiative: Reptil #1 had disappeared from eBay after the news that the Marvel Comics character, Reptil, is getting his own four-issue series – and maybe more It has now been selling multiple copies from $60 to $80. And we've got a look at the black-and-whites by Enid[...]
Reptil From Avengers Academy Gets His Own Series.
After months without a sale, suddenly all the copies of Avengers Initiative Featuring Reptil #1, the first appearance of Reptil from 2009 sold on eBay And why? Because Marvel is launching a solo series with the character, in May. Reptil, known to fans from books like Avengers Academy and Avengers Arena, will be starring in his[...]