Return to Rander

Spotlight On Indie Comics: The 15 Best Of 2014 Edition

Return to Rander (issues 1-4) by Tony Sedani is the story of a hero’s search for identity juxtaposed against another man’s search for revenge The protagonist of the story is a warrior striving to lead a life of peace as he searches for the answers to his past and his only clue is a mysterious[...]

Spotlight On Indie Comics – Featuring Return To Rander, Signed, The Gatecrashers, Modern Polaxis, American Nature, Masterplasty And Kurt Cobain: When I Was An Alien

By Shawn PerryGreetings True Bleeders! It’s time for another edition of Indie Spotlight: the semi-regular column dedicated to the wonderful world of self-publishing!There are so many great stories out there in the zeitgeist of our collective conscious and it takes a special type of person to say “I have a story to tell and I[...]

More Than a Feeling – Comic Creators Share Their Passion At Hartford Comic Con

Not only did they offer a wealth of candid knowledge about the industry, but many of them were positively dripping with that sort of unbridled passion you only encounter when meeting people that truly love what they do.One of the most interesting creators I spoke to was Tony Sadanni, who recently published the third issue[...]