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The Masked Singer: Looking Back on Season 3, Thoughts on Season 4
Although we predicted the reveals a while ago, the projected winner has been less certain Turtle and Night Angel delivered the strongest vocal performances And Frog kept the crowd hopping In the end, we finally see a woman on top. We had the Top 3 contestants pegged for weeks Going into the finale, most viewers had[...]
Rhino on The Masked Singer, courtesy of FOX.
While performances continue to wow the audience, the reveals have been rather anti-climactic At this point in the competition, the guessing game is practically over The contestants are even expressing their true selves more clearly with each song The time for façades is behind us as Frog, Night Angel, and Turtle belt it out for[...]
We witnessed the season's most revealing clues yet After a little digging, we have concrete proof of who the final four celebrity contestants are Take a look at our video review to see the evidence for yourself. Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger on The Masked Singer, courtesy of FOX. There is clearly a[...]
The Masked Singer panelists have a little fun, courtesy of FOX.
14 | THE MASKED SINGER ( Here's a look at the next episode of FOX's The Masked Singer ("A Quarter Mask Crisis: The Quarter Finals"), as well as this week's The Masked Singer: After The Mask: The next big reveal is almost here! Get your guesses ready for #TheMaskedSinger and #AfterTheMask, starting Wednesday at 8/7c[...]
Ken Jeong and Sharon Osbourne on The Masked Singer, courtesy of FOX.
As for the underwhelming reveal, The Masked Singer said "Bye, Bye, Bye" to Jordyn Woods Her claim to fame is being ex-friends with the Kardashians after a cheating scandal It seems the term "celebrity" is used loosely on the show This season featured faces I've never seen before, nor do I care to see again[...]
Rob Gronkowski has something to say to Nick Cannon on The Masked Singer, courtesy of FOX.
Kitty and Kangaroo deliver solid performances, but they haven't wowed and captured the audience quite as intensely. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Tiff's Take on 'The Masked Singer' Season 3 Super Nine Reveal [Review] ( Plus, viewers have everyone totally pegged except for Kitty and Kangaroo[...]
9 | THE MASKED SINGER ( And now… THE REVEAL! can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The T-Rex Is Revealed As JoJo Siwa | Season 3 Ep 9 | THE MASKED SINGER ( can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: T-Rex's First Interview Without The Mask! | Season 3 Ep[...]
"The Masked Singer" Reveals "Bella" Of Group C Ball [SPOILER REVIEW]
Although we feel pretty confident about our guesses, we're sure a few more shockers will be revealed as the Season 3 Championship approaches. Michael Becker / FOX © 2020 FOX Media LLC. Time to recap… starting with ASTRONAUT! can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: The Clues: Astronaut | Season 3 Ep 8 | THE MASKED SINGER[...]
"The Masked Singer" Season 3: Group C First-Reveal Makes Un-Masking History [SPOILER REVIEW]
We never saw this reveal coming by the time "Last But Not Least: Group C Kickoff!" wrapped, Masketeers Group C's celebrity contestants set the bar high They have us guessing in leaps and bounds until the championships. Michael Becker / FOX © FOX Media LLC. So time for the head-scratching games to begin! NIGHT ANGEL can't be loaded[...]