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Cloud Imperium Makes "Star Citizen" Free To Try For A Week
Cloud Imperium Games and Roberts Space Industries have reported this week that they have officially surpassed $250 million in funding for the game ($251,278,449 as of the time this article was written.) With that kind of money, they could reach all their goals… Which they already did, years ago, as the biggest one was $65[...]
Hammerhead Star Citizen
Currently, Cloud Imperium Games has raised over $200 million in crowdfunding for the game, which is insane. In order to join the free week, you'll need to sign up for a Roberts Space Industries account and then download the Star Citizen installer Before booting up the game, however, you might want to take a glance at the[...]
Hammerhead Star Citizen
Cloud Imperium Games released a new trailer earlier this month which showed "actual game physics and weapons that you can sink your teeth into." You can check out the rest of Star Citizen's development process at Roberts Space Industries webpage here If you decide you want to back the game, you can do so on the game's[...]