Star Citizen is Available for Free Until November 30th

Hammerhead Star Citizen
credit//Cloud Imperium Games

Star Citizen is available for free this week, allowing gamers who haven't joined one of the various funding campaigns to experience the ambitious space simulator game until November 30th. The game's first planet and city were added earlier this week, which means that free players and backers alike are getting the chance to check out Hurston and Lorville at the same time, which is a pretty sweet deal for free players.

All Star Citizen players will be given the Cutlass Black ship at the start of the free trial, though you can test other ships in Lorville at the Convention Centre, which will let you rent one of 80 different ships. The 80 ships available at the Convention Centre will rotate out every 24 hours by manufacturer, so they won't all be available at once. The changeover will hit every day at 8am PST.

For most people, the free trial week will be the first time they get their hands on Star Citizen as the game has existed only behind a paywall at this point. So to help out, the development team ac CIG has released a number of gameplay guides you can check out here. Currently, Cloud Imperium Games has raised over $200 million in crowdfunding for the game, which is insane.

In order to join the free week, you'll need to sign up for a Roberts Space Industries account and then download the Star Citizen installer. Before booting up the game, however, you might want to take a glance at the minimum required specs, as they're a bit higher than average. The game recommends you have at least 16 GB of RAM and a QuadCore CPU.

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