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Robot Chicken Parodies Batman v Superman
Adult Swim has posted this new video from Robot Chicken spoofing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice It picks up form the "Do you bleed line" and then goes in a very different direction They also posted one about the death of Lois Lane and how they may be looking for a super killer. Neither of[...]
Robot Chicken Parodies The CW
In this new clip from Robot Chicken, the Nerd ends up daydreaming a tour through the CW shows including The Flash, Arrow, Beauty and the Beast and more And in typical Robot Chicken style… it doesn't end well. [youtube][/youtube] In this new clip from Robot Chicken, the Nerd ends up daydreaming a tour through the CW[...]
Bill Finger Gets His First On Screen Batman Credit In A Surprising Place
So a couple of nights ago, Adult Swim aired the Robot Chicken: DC Special III, all approved and signed off by DC Entertainment. Yes, even that And the Penguin Robin crotch-gaze fantasy sequence.  It was only a few years ago that DC Comics wouldn't even let Mike Allred have Batman do the Bat-usi on the cover of[...]
Behind The Scenes Of Robot Chicken's DC Special 3
Jason Inman of DC All-Access talks with the folks behind the Robot Chicken DC Special 3 including Geoff Johns, Seth Green, Tom Root, Burt Ward, Tom Sheppard and Matthew Senreich This time they are focusing on the multiverse, doing their version of Crisis and we get to meet… Pez Luthor. Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 3: Magical Friendship[...]
NYCC '15: The Robot Chicken Season 8 Party
By Dimitrios Haritos I was fortunate enough to get an RSVP to the Robot Chicken Season 8 Party The Party was held at Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn NY When you arrived they gave tickets for 1 free drink and had a buffet style food table for everyone as well as 1 free game of bowling They[...]
Adult Swim And Cartoon Network Returning To SDCC
Adult Swim and Cartoon Network are coming back to SDCC this year with shows Children's Hospital, Robot Chicken, Mike Tyson Mysteries and the new series We Bare Bears.   It starts with back-to-back fandemonium panels with Regular Show and Uncle Grandpa Friday, July 10, 10:00 a.m., followed by Adventure Time and Steven Universe at 11:00 a.m[...]
Now It's Time For DC Comics To Pay Scott Shaw For Captain Carrot…
The Zoo Crew HAS appeared on TV (the Robot Chicken DC Superheroes special on Adult Swim) and the Scribblenauts video game, but we haven't received anything ..yet. I've often found that this kind of this isn't intentional, but a result of the left hand and the right hand not knowing what the other is doing[...]
NYCC: Robot Chicken And Their New Holiday Special
Rich Epstein writes for Bleeding Cool: It was Robot Chicken day at NYCC, with series creators Seth Green and Matt Senrich being joined by Breckin Meyer, Macauly Culkin, and Claire Grant. The panel opened with a clip from the new season, which the audience loved.  There were some really good jokes at the expense of the four[...]
Behind The Scenes Of Robot Chicken's Next DC Special: Villains In Paradise
Well, you've probably seen them somewhat this way before if you caught Robot Chicken's first DC-themed special episode But now they're doing another one Villains in Paradise takes place at a beach And it's a West Side Story-esque tale of star crossed lovers And in a 22 minutes runtime, there will be 3 musical numbers[...]
How Dark Horse Creators Pitched To Robot Chicken
[youtube][/youtube] At the Robot Chicken panel at NYCC, Dark Horse Creators Eliot Rahal (Hunter Quaid) and Donny Cates (Buzzkill) wanted to pitch to Robot Chicken Despite not legally being allowed to So they found a way to get round the barriers of law… 13 minutes in, if you want to skip straight to the squirming.   [...]
Robot Chicken DC Special Has Creator Credits For Many Characters… But Not Batman?
Warners' Cartoon Network is broadcasting the Robot Chicken DC Special next month Early copies have been well received But one early viewer noticed something they thought Bleeding Cool might be interested in. And they were right. Ever since Bob Kane negotiated himself a rather exceptional deal with DC Comics, he has been credited on every appearance of[...]
SDCC Video: Grace Randolph Hits Up Robot Chicken's Matthew Senreich And Tom Root
[youtube][/youtube] Robot Chicken DC Comics Special and Season 6! Host Grace Randolph does an interview at SDCC 2012 with Robot Chicken co-creator Matthew Senreich and head writer Tom Root Find out what they have planned for the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special and Robot Chicken Season 6… [youtube][/youtube] Robot Chicken DC Comics Special and Season 6! Host[...]