'Sparkly Vampires Just Reek Of Scientology' – Nicholas Brendon And Clare Kramer Talk Buffy At Rose City Comic Con

buffy-the-vampire-slayer-season-8-coverLyssa Pack wrote from Rose City Comic Con last weekend,

On Saturday September 20th lucky con-goers got to listen to stories from Buffy acting alum Nicholas Brendon and Clare Kramer with Buffy editor trying to play ringmaster to the playful duo. Moderator Scott Allie made the brief announcement that Nicholas Brendon has been co-writing the 10th Season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for Dark Horse Comics. Afterward he then launched into stating that the panel was going to be a relaxed Q&A session to allow fans to ask questions of the two actors.

How hard is it going through life being so freaking sexy?

Nicholas Brendon: "That's a great question actually. It's more of like a condition and there's two of us so its like-

Clare Kramer: "Double sexy!"

How hard is it for your twin dealing with your rising fame and different career paths?

Nicholas Brendon: "The thing about it was that when I booked Buffy it was just a whirlwind. I had never even acted in front of a camera before and didn't really think it would go anywhere. He dug it until one year we went camping in Yosemite and we went to In-and-Out burger because it was our halfway stop. There was a big bus of teenage girls and at this point people knew me but didn't know I had a twin yet. Some girls recognized him and he was like 'No, I'm his twin.' Then they proceeded to throw french fries at him yelling 'Liar! Liar!' At that point it turned because he wasn't really getting any benifits out of it, you know? It was no longer a novelty it was more like this sucks."

What was the most difficult episode for you guys to film?

Clare Kramer: " The most difficult episode for me was the first episode I was in. There was a lot of diologue and it was my first time on television and didn't really know what the heck I was doing. It was very intimidating. The best episode for me was the 100th episode. It was the culmination of my character, there was a lot of stunt work and it was just really amazing for me to be a part of something like that."

Nicholas Brendon: "The first one was the toughest because I totally misread the call sheet and didn't see the last two scenes on it. It was like every actors worst nightmare! It was worse because it was just me and Buffy. I was almost going into hyperventalation."

Do you have any rememberance of the Zeppo episode?

Nicholas Brendon: "I love that episode! To me that was the pivotal point where Xander grew up after that point. That was the point where his character was going to change."

How much of your personality went into playing Xander?

Nicholas Brendon: "We are one in the same. We grew up together. It's 50/50. I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for Xander."

In the series you were a goofy character. What did you do to get into character?

Nicholas Brendon: "On my way to work on a loop I would say, They're Grrrrreat! They're Grrrrreat! They're Grrrrreat!"

How does it feel to be on a show where vampires don't sparkle?

Clare Kramer: "Well in our day we didn't know any different!"

Nicholas Brendon: "Sparkly vampires just reek of Scientology!"

What is it like being a supporting character?

Nicholas Brendon: "I am fine with it. She had a lot of work to do. I liked being able to a star of the show and still have a social life."

Clare Kramer: "I like to be the second or third banana on the call sheet! I don't want to have the pressure of carrying the series. What Buffy did was phenomonal!"

Why was Xander like catnip to demons?

Nicholas Brendon: " I didn't think it was just demons really it was pretty much everyone! The thing with demons is they know whats good for them!"

Are you proud of the fact that a lot of people have grown up watching Buffy?

Clare Kramer: "Absolutely!"

Which was your favourite vampire, Spike or Angel?

Nicholas Brendon: "Spike all the way. Nothing against Angel but Spike was a more dynamic character. All Angel did was brood."

How do you feel the way Glory went out at the end of that season?

Clare Kramer: "I feel better about the way Buffy went out! I think that she was the best advisary for Buffy to face. The way Glory went out was lame!"

How fun was the musical episode?

Nicholas Brendon: "It was so fun. I wasn't hired to be a singer and dancer so I didn't care if I sucked! If you don't care if you suck then you'll do fine."

For the last portion of the panel Scott Allie asked the actors what was coming up next for their careers.

Clare Kramer: "I have a movie coming out in January called The Griddle House. I play a woman who gave up her son for adoption and he finds her on his 16th birthday. Then I have a movie coming out called The Lost Tree. Also check out Geek Nation!"

Nicholas Brendon: "I don't really have much. I'm mainly just writing Buffy."

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