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Credit: Rockstar Games It seems like we hear new Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors just about every other day With that in mind, it's hard to tell whether any of them actually hold any water. However, it looks like the recent rumors that there could potentially be a reveal on the horizon for Grand Theft Auto 6[...]
There's a Rumored "Silent Hill" Reboot Coming From Konami
Of course, these are all just rumors for the moment that haven't been proven or confirmed in any way But it certainly would be nice to think about, especially with the past cancellation of Silent Hills. We'll continue to monitor the situation, but this would be a fantastic gift for everyone who's been pining for more[...]
That Call Of Duty WWII Rumor Might Actually Be True
During their earnings call back in February, Activision made a cryptic statement about the 2017 entry in the Call of Duty franchise, saying the new game would bring the series "back to it's roots." So that kicked off some rumors about the new CoD returning to World War II As you may recall, WWII was the focus[...]
Nintendo Switch Hardware Breakdown And Speculation.
Now that the Nintendo Switch has been out a few days, we already have modification rumors going around thanks to people prying open their consoles Because some people just need to see the guts of the thing first Others have tried to hook their Joy-Cons up to their PC or Mac Then, one intrepid Switch customer went[...]
Spoiler Alert! Star Wars: Episode VIII Dialogue From Upcoming Trailer
YouTube Star Wars fan Mike Zeroh has received some insider tidbits regarding an upcoming trailer for Star Wars: Episode VIII. Granted, it's not a great deal of dialogue, but at the same time we've had very little about what J.J. has been up to out there on set. To that end, we'll have to settle for what we can get.