Those Far Cry 5 Rumors Might Be More Than We Thought


Despite Ubisoft saying last week that they weren't working on Far Cry 5, ScreenRant disagrees. After receiving reports that Ubisoft is filming in Montana, ScreenRant's  Rob Keyes has hypothesized that the filming is for a live action sequence needed for Far Cry 5. The evidence for this? That throwback post from last week, and a report from Great Falls Tribune that producer Jeff Guillot is filming a sequel to an existing franchise.

Some took that to mean it was for Red Dead Redemption 2, while Keyes points out that Guillot was also a producer on the latest Far Cry. Or, as he puts it in his own words:

Last week, Great Falls Tribune reported on a live-action shoot taking place in a very specific setting and the producer, Jeff Guillot, revealed that it's for a sequel to "an existing global franchise," which lead some to speculate that it could be for a live-action Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer. Jason Schreier from Kotaku posted on the NeoGAF forums however that it's likely not this game, that developer Rockstar Games doesn't do live-action trailers. He also says it's likely for another big sequel he's heard is set in a location that fits the Montana shoot. Someone in the thread followed up by sharing the rumor that Far Cry 5 would be set in the "American Great Plains states and dealing with militias/survivalists" to which Schreier acknowledged as matching his beliefs. And did we mention that Jeff Guillot also producer [SIC] the live-action trailer for the last Far Cry game…

This is obviously flying directly in the face of what Ubisoft said last week after posting that Far Cry 3 throwback post that most games outlets took as a tease for the next installment of Far Cry. And sure, the timing would be pretty fitting with  E3 around the corner, but it still doesn't seem quite 100%.

So maybe it is a big reveal for Far Cry 5, but right now nothing seems particularly certain that it isn't some other game franchise that they're filming out in Montana.

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