Nintendo Switch Hardware Breakdown And Speculation.

Now that the Nintendo Switch has been out a few days, we already have modification rumors going around thanks to people prying open their consoles. Because some people just need to see the guts of the thing first. Others have tried to hook their Joy-Cons up to their PC or Mac. Then, one intrepid Switch customer went out and bought a USB C converter to try and use the Switch on a TV without a doc.

There have also been rumors of an NVIDIA GPU upgrade for the Switch, coming from a Neogaf user who has accurately leaked Nintendo information in the past

Firs for the guts of the Switch, Fictiv put together a lovely breakdown video so you don't have to go prying your own Switch apart. Or maybe you still want to because you like to get hands-on, but I'd reccomend giving that link a preusal anyway.

As for the Joy-Con pairing, well, yes you can use a Joy Con on your PC or Mac. IGN has that covered for you.

Next, the HDMI out port get several different video theories and how tos which all seem to point in one direction. Si first, lets take a look at what happens when you try and use a USB C adaptor to try and get you Switch working without the dock:

So it'll charge but you can't see a darn thing. Kind of depressing, right? But here's where it might get interesting. That HDMI cable Vince is using may be of an older configuration. The Switch dock has a port for the 4K HDMI hookup, not the standard. Now for the theories:

So. That HDMI port might be for an expansion pack like the N64. The switch is joining the console game mid-generation so Nintendo must be looking at updating the graphics and texture capabilities. Especially with games like Skyrim coming to the Switch somewhere down the line. Aa for the details, well. Here's the big rumor – the Switch may be getting an update that will include an NVIDIA GPU to allow for high res, PC competitor level gaming. The video below goes into more detail on that.

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