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"New Amsterdam" Season 2: "Hawaii Five-0" Alum Daniel Dae Kim Joins NBC Medical Drama

Cassian Shin is the new head trauma surgeon, who joins the hospital as it's going through a possible shakeup: Floyd (Jocko Sims) told Max (Ryan Eggold) that he's moving to San Francisco with his fiancée Reynolds, meaning the hospital will be without a head of the cardiovascular surgery department.[caption id="attachment_1172599" align="alignnone" width="1987"] ViacomCBS[/caption]Now here's a[...]

"New Amsterdam" Season 2 "In the Graveyard": Change of Heart & Mind? [PREVIEW]

We've been saying all season long that one of the reasons why NBC's New Amsterdam works so well (and why it was given a sweet three-season upgrade) was its ability to expand the storyline spotlight to include the entire emsemble cast while not losing sight of Max's (Ryan Eggold) personal and professional struggles.Did we also[...]

'New Amsterdam': Before Jaw-Dropping Finale "Luna," Our Season 1 Review

During the freshman year run of NBC's New Amsterdam, Max Goodwin’s (Ryan Eggold) road to recovery has been rocky, to say the least He’s been quite temperamental over the last few episodes At first, we don’t understand why he’s uncharacteristically negative and lashing out at respected colleagues Then we learn that his aggressive chemo treatment[...]

'New Amsterdam' Season 1 Episodes 15 - 17 Recap (hold)

'New Amsterdam' Season 1, Episode 18: Our Road to "Five Miles West" [SPOILER REVIEW]

as Big Mike Higgins -- (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC)[/caption] Lamazerables Max’s (Ryan Eggold) cancer group uses humor to cope, but he has a hard time joking about their terminal condition His battle with cancer has taken a bit of a back seat in the past few episodes He’s been focused on work, drinking his meals while helping[...]

'New Amsterdam' Season 1, Episode 15 "Croaklahoma": Max Struggles with His Reality [PREVIEW]

During this freshman season of NBC's New Amsterdam, Max (Ryan Eggold) excelled at helping the hospital, patients, co-workers and then some. He miraculously manages to do it all with help from his wife and colleagues, so his cancer conversations reduced to liquified meals However, his treatment returns to the forefront in this week's episode, "Croaklahoma" - and[...]

First Look at Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman in New Amsterdam

This is a starring vehicle for Ryan Eggold, who played Tom on the Blacklist and lead the short-lived The Blacklist: Redemption series The series also stars Freema Agyeman, Janet Montgomery, Jocko Sims, Anupam Kher and Tyler Labine.Here is the synopsis for the series: Inspired by Bellevue, the oldest public hospital in America, this unique medical drama[...]

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Blacklist's Ryan Eggold Joins Untitled NBC Medical Drama Pilot

He may have left The Blacklist, but actor Ryan Eggold isn't going far He has signed on as the lead in an untitled medical drama based on Dr Eric Manheimer's memoir Twelve Patients: Life & Death at Bellevue Hospital.The series was originally going to be called Bellevue, but the name has been scrapped for undisclosed reasons[...]


The Blacklist Season 5: Liz and Redd Are on a Collision Course

And while that seemed pretty big going in, the death of Tom (Ryan Eggold), Liz's husband has really put her on a mission to find out why That's great motivation for the character, but it's going to be a problem soon when it comes to tracking down U.S Marshall Ian Garvey (Johnny Coyne).[caption id="attachment_793484" align="aligncenter"[...]